Steem astrology - horoscope of publications for today

3년 전

Wednesday, 10/11 day of the Lunar calendar (GMT +3 from 8 am).

Today is a same for all - Europe and USA:

The motto of the day is to write, write and write again well and a lot.

Today you are overwhelmed with energy and ideas.

But be careful - do not waste everything for nothing!

Сlearly outline the subjects of the articles!

In addition to scientific and fundamental publications, new ventures can be launched on this day.
Try uncharacteristic topics for yourself!

The reader will be inclined to accept non-long texts.

It is advisable to formulate your thoughts briefly, clearly, concisely.

Well, if the article does not affect the prehistory/early publications and have a logical ending.

Today news should be successful.

Write about the events of culture, society, science, politics.

There is a chance to make up misunderstandings with other authors on Steemit .

Take the first step - leave flattering comments to your favorite article of "enemy" - you may be surprised by the reciprocity!

From the board of the flying saucer, Navigator Gray.

Until tomorrow, at the same time.

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