Ignition Wallet Version Released!

2년 전

Ignition Wallet windows and mac binaries have just been released!


This update includes several new features or bug fixes, including:

Testnet created and integrated into the code-base. Can be accessed with testnet=1 in config.
Testnet rewards are set to drastically high levels for testing of master nodes as well as all other features.
Fixed Bug: Displaying incorrect Master Node public keys -> Displays Correctly Now.
Fixed Bug: Displaying only PoW difficulty -> Now displays PoW and PoS Difficulties.
Code Cleanup of Spacing and other inconsistencies (WIP)
Documentation included within git repo has been updated, including readme and other docs.

Version is not a mandatory update, and will work with version and above versions of Ignition.

Get it here: https://github.com/ignitioncoin/ignitioncoin/releases/tag/

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This is the best crypto on the market! <3 Full Disclosure: I'm a dev ;)