The Official Ignition Coin Steemit is Live!!!

2년 전

Hello everyone! We are the official Steemit account of #Ignition, a cryptocurrency launched in December of 2017 to solve a critical issue with the never-ending altcoin creations offering little more than inflation, and almost none stick to the original principals that Bitcoin held true, principals of sound money, such as a limited supply and slowing inflation.

Satoshi prepared for a lot of variables, but one he did not prepare for was the absolute insane rise Bitcoin would have. Now that Bitcoin has reached it's on-chain scaling limits, it has seemingly hit some obstacles to continue it's growth.

One of these obstacles is the enormous power cost that the Bitcoin mining network is currently consuming. China has begun to spread rumours that their country may go so far as to ban Bitcoin mining all-together.

Introducing, #Ignition Coin, the Next Generation in Store of Value.

Visit our website to learn more at - Thank's for Reading!

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