Aleem Dar and Joel Wilson's umpiring was under heavy criticism.

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Aleem Dar and Wilson's umpires were criticized after 10 wrong decisions were made in the first 2 days of the Edgbaston

In the second over of the match, Aleem Dar did not give catch out of David Warner on Stuart Broad's ball, England would get a wicket if Joy Root took Review then pacer got Warner on LBW, Aleem Dar raised his finger despite the ball was going out, this time Australia did not approach the third umpire and lost the chance to get wicket. Joel Wilson did not give catch of Usman Khawaja on Chris Woakes ball and decision in review proved wrong.

Aleem Dar gave Steven Smith the wrong LBW, this decision also changed to refer to the third umpire; Joel Wilson did not give LBW to Matthew Wade on Chris Woakes ball, but that decision was also changed.

Aleem Dar gave James Patterson LBW on the Stuart Broad ball, which was going outside, and Australia lost wicket not getting review. Joel Wilson gave Peter Siddle LBW on Chris Woakes's ball, the decision proved wrong after referring to Third Umpire.

On the first day, the umpires made at least seven wrong decisions, 4 of them were from Aleem Dar, the next day Joel Wilson did not give LBW to Nathan Lyon's ball, he called Joey Root a catch-out behind the wickets. Although the ball was hit to stumps, but the wicket saved because the bells did not fall this was also changed after referring to Third Umpire.

In the opening session of the second day, the number of wrong decisions of both umpires was 5-5. TV commentators, newspapers and social media criticizing Aleem Dar and Joel Wilson's performance.

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