ICC Cricket World Cup: Reserve Day for the Semifinal and Final.

8개월 전

The first phase of the World Cup was affected by the rain and many matches could not start due to the bad weather, because of the weather points was divided in both teams.

In the first semifinal match between India and New Zealand, the weather will be cloudy and there is a predictable rainfall. If the weather conditions are not good for playing, then the additional day will be available to complete the match. The ICC has reserved the additional day for the semifinal and final only.

The reserve day in Manchester, which is likely to be cloudy and rainy. If it is rainy in the reserve day, then DLS Method will be applicable to the game and India will qualify for the final because its points in the League phase were more than New Zealand.
If any of the semifinal or final match is tied, then super over will be used to make it fruitful. Previously this option was only available for the final match.

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