Prime Minister Imran Khan have decided to bring 'change' in cricket

7개월 전

Imran Khan wanted reforms in Pakistan Cricket even before coming to power, now he has announced formal action in this regard.

Addressing to Pakistani immigrants in Washington, he made it clear that will not only bring reforms in Pakistan cricket, but it would ensure that the best talent emerged. He also said that the talent that Pakistan has in cricket is nowhere in the world but could not become a good team due to lack of opportunities for talented players.

Imran Khan said that after the World Cup I have decided to improve cricket. our 2019 event was disappointing but remember my words that we will put a professional team in the next World Cup.
Sources said, the new domestic cricket system will be announced in the next few weeks.

Imran Khan wants a system comprised of six regional teams in the country, but many constituencies are also opposed to the elimination of departmental cricket. The Prime Minister further said that professionalism and merit are of utmost importance in the success of the team.

He once again gives example of Australian cricket team, the most successful cricket team in the world because the talent is given the opportunity to excel in a highly professional system.

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