Saeed Ajmal has shown interest in becoming a Pakistan Team Bowling Coach

7개월 전

Former Test cricketer Saeed Ajmal has also expressed interest in becoming the bowling coach of the national team and said that my services are there for the Pakistan team. I wish I could play the role as a coach and contribute in the success of the national team.

Saeed Ajmal said that he has passed the Level Two coaching course in England and PCB, I will now attend the Level Three course in April. Currently, I am coaching more than 20 kids in my academy. He added that in my opinion, home coaches could be better for the national team.

Saeed Ajmal praised the start of the World Test Championship and called it the best step for Test cricket, in his opinion, people were moving away from Test cricket and this decision will promote the game in Asian countries. Especially, I would also be interested for young players.

Saeed Ajmal took 178 wickets in 35 Tests, 184 wickets in 113 ODI's and 85 in 64 T20 matches.

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