Shocking FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg Lost Approximately $120 Billion In Wealth Overnight.

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Today I'm Going to share you one of the historical shocking news about FB CEO Mark zuckerberg and other biggest companies CEO like amazon, Intel, etc lost in trading in a U.S Stock Market. after reading this blog or news I would like to know what is your thought about this and what is the reason of so much downfall and All worlds largest CEO fall in stock market.

Facebook Inc Chief Executive Officer - Mark Zuckerberg lost approximately $120 billion in wealth overnight on 26-July-2018. No company in the history of the U.S. stock market has ever lost $100 billion in market value in just one day. It is one of the biggest news in U.S Stock Market and downfall in facebook stock and Mark Zuckerberg had its worst day ever.

Lets talk about facebook Netwoth -

As per Wiki...
Mark Zuckerberg net worth is estimated to be US $67.1 billion as of 26-July-2018 a $15.4 billion decrease from the previous day after Facebook stock downfall 19% as you can see in the below chart


Facebook Inc stock was trading at $175.32 on Friday 27-July-2018 , down from $217.50 a share before the report was released. It is one of the biggest downfall in U.S Stock Market. Not only Facebook other biggest companyLike Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, etc lost in trading overnight.


Facebook, Intel, Amazon as you can see top all are lost in a day trading, It is one of the biggest history Loss More than $100 Billion in U.S Stock Market Capital in a day very shocking news.

What did you think about U.S Stock Market Crash and please share your view in comment box.

Be Care Full While Investing in Stock Market or Latest Tranding Cryptocurrency Trading.

Everyone knows about Stock market trading but Cryptocurrency is the latest trend in all over world wide. Some people knows what are the advantages and disadvantages of this cryptocurrency but many people are not aware from this all they will listen what big CEO are saying and investing than they believe on that and they will decide to invest without researching. so be careful while investing in any field don't believe on any one just do your research, technically and fundamentally, also listen what others saying than take your decision

What did you think about U.S Stock Market Crash and please share your view in comment box.

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