4 British students show live the effectiveness of their incredible system of benefits, worth millions

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The 'Innovation of the Year' award this year went to the successful emerging company Ultimate4Trading. See the full interview


A new chapter has been written in the annals of technological advances. Finally, an idea, a creation, an innovation has arrived to change everything; It's called: Ultimate4Trading

This incredible trade tool is the winning product of the 'Innovation of the Year' award from STARTUP365 and heralds the dawn of a new era of commerce.

The creators claim that this novel tool has the same ability to negotiate as an experienced operator. After extensive tests and trials, the results are always the same: you get benefits in three out of every four operations you perform.

"Three out of four operations must be profitable" - Abbey Walker-Jones, Ultimate4Trading


Ultimate4Trading was conceived and developed by co-creators John Cross, Abbey Walker-Jones, Matty Voss and Ash Patel, from the United Kingdom, as a final project in the last year of Computing.
The objective was to compete on equal terms in the world of commerce. "John and I consistently failed to do operations," admits co-founder Matty Voss.

"Operations have always been dominated by wealthy, privileged people with good contacts, but now things have leveled off." He adds "With this project, our goal was to get more inexperienced operators like us to compete with experts on equal terms."
After three years perfecting Ultimate4Trading, they ingeniously combined two algorithms, which process financial data to present reliable winning operations in which the user invests.

Abbey successfully shows off the award-winning Ultimate4Trading algorithm.

Lisa had initially opened an account with only an investment of approximately $ 50 at the end of the previous week, but had already recovered more than three times her initial investment, a total of almost $ 1070, in that time.
Next, Abbey, using that same Ultimate4Trading account, taught how to get more than $ 120 with four operations in just 60 seconds.


The founders of Ultimate4Trading have finally decided to offer their algorithm for free to the public. However, Matty has stated that there will be a limited number of places available for the initial capacity of the Ultimate4Trading platform, due to the high expected demand.

Fortunately, Cooper has revealed that the STARTUP365 website has a direct link for a limited number of seats, reserved exclusively for fans of the program.

SOURCE: "https://www.jcmarkets.net/index.php"

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