New iPhone X [5 necessary hits]

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After the presentation of the iPhone X in the new headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, we had the opportunity to approach and take a close look for the first time to the new iPhone X. From there we tell you the successes and errors around this new release from Apple.

The five hits (necessary) of the iPhone X

As we have discussed in the detailed release of the new iPhone X, this terminal of Apple picks up many aspects that we considered necessary in the iPhone. They were points where the iPhone X had room for improvement despite the good sales figures it maintains generation after generation.

AMOLED display with HDR

Beyond design or size, the really relevant iPhone X screen is the step to OLED technology. It also does Apple's own improvements, such as TrueTone, raising the bar of contrast of previous iPhone, reached a density in line with the high range (where the iPhone was also lagged) and integrating HDR in its two relevant variants (HDR10 and Dolby Vision), as have LG or Samsung with their best terminals this year.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the quality of the OLED panel used by Apple, both at the level of subpixels and possible degradations, is up to. Also at maximum brightness, just over 600 nits, it's pretty down on Samsung's SuperAMOLED.

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Fast charging (and wireless)

Although the autonomy, without being the best, fulfilled in the past iPhone, the time of loading of the phones of Apple was a nightmare. Again the rivals took a huge advantage.

With fast loading, that handicap is solved. And we will see if the wireless charge that the iPhone X premieres, it remains as with other brands in the forgetfulness or it manages to be strengthened. It will help Apple have been sensible and bet on a standard like Qi.

Design without frames

Another section where comparisons with other top-level iPhone was evident has always been that of frames and dimensions. The iPhone 7 Plus, with "only" 5.5 inches, was a huge terminal in hand.

The iPhone "10" gathers the glove of designs without frames and more exclusive to, in addition to drawing much more attention, get a long diagonal in a much smaller space.

More portrait mode (also in selfie camera)

The star functionality right now in mobile photography, portrait mode, is strengthened on the iPhone X. The main camera, with two larger sensors and optical stabilization in both, will enhance low-light photography, keeping the 2X zoom mode so addictive for social photography.

And the secondary camera? Apple gives it the prominence it already receives from other brands and raises the resolution to 7 MP including improvements to make those selfies come out better than ever with an iPhone.

It does not usually stand out among the consumer, but what Apple achieved at the design level of its own chips is of enormous importance.

The technology of the entrails of the iPhone X

Much of the new developments in the iPhone X software, including facial recognition or camera depth detection, come out thanks to the Aion Bionic chip from Apple itself. We are not just talking about raw power, which provides it (even graphics level with its own GPU), but the neural motor that has much to say in the future of the iPhone and augmented reality.

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