China BANS Insulting The Flag! - Why Worshipping A Cloth Is STUPID


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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent ban on insulting the flag in China. The law is directed at those who protested in places like Hong Kong last year and burned the flag.

Let it be known that these laws also exist in the United States and elsewhere! So while it is communist BS, it exists in many places and we can blame worship of the state for this problem.

It is a cloth. A cloth that represents the state. Not you, not the people who fought in wars to be sacrificed for the state. It represents the state and only the state.

The state represents tyranny and oppression. It represents theft and murder. This must be understood.

In this video we break down the absurdity of the worship of flags. It's all about the religion of statism. Flags are crosses. National anthems are hymns. Politicians are priests. Public Schools are Sunday Schools. Mainstream media are televangelists. It's that simple.

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