Covidian CULT INSANITY! - Couple FINED For Kissing! - MORE CRAZY Laws & Mandates

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See the FULL video report up on BitChute HERE:

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the pure unrivaled insanity of the covidian cult following the exortion of a couple in Milan, Italy for KISSING publicly. Nothing crazy, just a minor kiss.

According to police, there's some kind of pandemic happening and a couple kissing is dangerous, but this group of thugs doesn't think them apprehending the couple, putting them in danger and stealing their money is a threat.

In this video we break down the insanity of this story and compare it to other absolutely ridiculous stories from around the world as government power trips into absolute tyranny under the guise of "saving people." More like saving people from themselves.

The notion that anyone could believe this is about safety and health at this point despite it CLEARLY being about tyrannical control is mind boggling.

We will continue to cover these stories closely! Since we're banned on YouTube, we will get louder than ever.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!


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