Doctors SPEAK OUT! - Masks DON'T Work! - "You're Being LIED To!"


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Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest group of doctors, some new, some familiar who gathered in front of the United States Supreme Court to demand answers to the tyranny we're witnessing take place world wide and governments crack down on the most basic of freedoms under the guise of saving us from an illness that effects a tiny fraction of a percentage of people negatively.

These doctors speak out against masks, the enforcement of the pharmaceutical racket and the fear and conditioning being bread into people, traumatizing generations of people ahead of us.

These doctors stand to lose EVERYTHING by speaking out. Meanwhile the doctors on television and pundits stand to gain millions if not more in the case of Gates who of course is not a doctor and has made billions off of the big pharma lobbies.

Who do you trust? The people making millions off fear by their own sponsors? Or the people who are giving up their career to speak their truth?

Stay tuned as we continue to cover these issues closely!


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