IRS Whistleblower SPEAKS OUT! - Sherry Peel Jackson On WHY Taxation Is THEFT

3개월 전

In this video, I talk with Sherry Peel Jackson, author and IRS whistleblower on her story working at the IRS and subsequently coming out against the enterprise as she learned about the income tax and the utilization of the tax system to turn people into dependent sheep.

Sherry Peel Jackson has sacrificed a lot in order to speak out on these issues and may be one of the most powerful voices in the world on the subject.

She talks about the modern system, how it's used against people and how people can fight back against this behemoth.

She also gives her thoughts on the now passed Aaron Russo and Irwin Schiff and why they were heroes who sacrificed everything.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue!


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What a wonderful interview!

She is some lady.

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When will enough people realize this all together and act?

We need to get away from the bread 🥖 and circus 🎪 . STOP 🛑 watching major league sports ⚾️ 🏈 🏀 ⚽️ ❗️They are just millionaires playing for billionaires and don’t give a SHIT about you or your community . It’s just another way they keep us divided . We are AMERICANS‼️We’re supposed to be the good guys . We’re not supposed to invade countries and murder foreign leaders to appease countries like SATANIC ISRAEL 🇮🇱 . Income taxes and property taxes are illegal . Time to round up all of the criminal federal government , and liquidate all of the elites . ENSLAVE THEM❗️