It's HAPPENING AGAIN! - Government BANS Sale Of "Non-Essential" Items! - Lockdown 2.0 Is Almost HERE


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Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest government insanity as we approach lockdown 2.0 in a matter of weeks. Stores in Wales have been required by the government to put plastic over non-essential items (like baby clothes, socks, tights, etc.) while dangerously unhealthy items like candy and holiday crackers are still "allowed."

Whether it's plastic or metal fences in the way of people buying things that they deem essential, this insanity has reached beyond the breaking point and into absolute totalitarianism of the highest order.

Welsh people have begun ripping down the barriers and standing up, but not in large enough numbers. Most people recognize that this move by the government is stupid but the government gets away with it because even 99% of the people that recognize this is insanely stupid don't DO anything about it.

As items are restricted from being sold, panic buying is starting to poke its nose in the door again and the idea of forcing millions into further unemployment is on the horizon as the next lockdown nears. This will lead to instability the likes of which we've never seen before.

The fact that we've all allowed this to happen is pathetic. Being called essential or non-essential, telling people if they're good enough to put food on the table for their family or eat off the scrap plate of their masters is so authoritarian and so wrong that it bears the question whether we're even worth saving at this point.

Live by example. Live free or go down with the ship. It's up to you.

We will continue to cover this issue. Stay tuned for more from WAM!


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