Will YOU Be VACCINATED BY FORCE? - Trump Says NO But There's MORE To The Story!


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Josh Sigurdson reports on the very real possibility of forced vaccinations going forward. President Donald Trump made the comment to Varney on Fox Business that he does not "think" he would support forced vaccinations. He says a lot of people are strongly opposed to such a thing. The issue is that perhaps "forced" is the wrong word to use.

The the encroaching issue of technocracy and social credit scores, it's realistic to believe that rather than being forced to vaccinate with the covfefe vaccine, it will be more likely that people will be given the option voluntarily. However, if they don't get vaccinated, they simply won't be allowed to go shopping, to eat at restaurants, to travel, to get a job, to have children, to even have a bank account. So with convenience comes consent to tyranny and that is the most likely scenario.

As this clear and present dangers drifts closer and closer, it is possible we're having the wrong conversation. Force vaccination? Or vaccination by consent due to social restrictions?

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!


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This suggests that there will be two different economies. One that is locked down that uses the beast system and one that is outside of that system using voluntary trade and freedom of association.

I think it's a mistake to think that everyone will go into the beast system when crypto is here and so many high level professionals in tech and medicine have shunned the old statist beast system. It will likely collapse when people realize that coercion and obedience to parasites is no way to live.