Are You a Tik-Tok App User? Some Disturbing Info Here..

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In 2019 the phone application known as Tik-Tok was the most downloaded application across all mobile platforms. What people were likely not aware of, is that the Tik-Tok application is essentially a well disguised spyware application inextricably linked to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) which collects an incredible amount of data from its users devices.. Which is then forwarded to the CCP down the road.

The video below has some info regarding the issue with Tik-Tok and its data farming:

What sort of data does Tik-Tok send to the CCP? Far more than the application should be privy...

  • Messenger / SMS data
  • Apps installed on your phone
  • What websites you've visited
  • Your search history
  • Keystrokes / What you type
  • Location data / GPS
  • Images on device

Now even as an individual with nothing to hide the fact that just by downloading and installing the Tik-Tok application to your mobile device you are essentially inviting chinese communists front row access to all of your information as well as actions performed on your device.

It isn't only a massive security issue to have your phone essentially acting as a chinese spy for the CCP, but could also have further reaching implications for national security of countries as the CCP fans out its tendrils across the internet looking to suck up as much user data and information they can in order to track or otherwise profile people around the world. It's downright scary to think that application developers which are in bed with an overbearing communist government are actively trying to create viral apps which advertise one aspect of their applications usage but secretly have functions in place to spy on users.

Although to be fair many popular mobile device applications such as the Facebook mobile app also do similar shady shit to their users. When you install an application make sure to pay attention to what rights these things are asking for, you may be giving up far more information than you realize without knowing it.

It is advised that if you have Tik-Tok installed on your device that you should remove it!


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Thanks, needed a reason to get rid of this app!

  ·  작년

Got you covered. Shit is kind of scary really.

Tik-tok wink, wink

  ·  작년

For the record it may be the case that Kwa is also a CCP spy.


....slithers away as a ccp spy!..........

Seriously, people need to always be aware that anything connected to the internet is suspect. Even privacy networks, while probably - the odds are much, much better you have to ask yourself: What are we going to find out a year, 18 mos. from now that will surprise us?

There is no privacy anymore. That's no excuse to fail in fighting for it but it's being honest with yourself to accept this.

For some stuff that I might have worried about before, I've- for my mental health, taken an IDGAF attitude.

edit: I just watch the video. omg I did not even think that people using govt. property / devices would have this app installed. Those devices should not have ANY third party apps on them at all imo. That's just dumb - a liability that I think should be too obvious.

The only reason I log into FB is bc "everybody" is on there so if I wan't to catch up with someone from the past for example, that's how I can usually do that. But I hate that nobody- I mean NOBODY there is talking about this or thinks twice about it. Ppl act like I'm crazy if I ever bring it up.

  ·  작년

Yep. We live in a world where privacy is all but dead.. Is kind of sad really.
Would be a pretty good guess to assume everything is monitored and / or compromised.

Mental health comes and goes. Understand you taking that stance on it though.

Heh, imagine having idiots in classified locations with Tik-Tok installed on their phones to goof of at breaks.. only to have the CCP basically sitting in their pockets.

FB is trash, the reason you've mentioned is the only reason I've still got it.


So Timely!
Would you believe it? (I think you would) ... @jerrybanfield (hi Jerry) posted today on how to film videos for YouTube and TikTok. (! * !!) I heard some abrasive hick talk outside this morning but that's the closest I've come to hearing about this POS. Aloofness has it's advantages.