The Future is Female: U.S. Election Results - many firsts!

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Regardless of where you are in the world, you probably have been hearing about the U.S. midterm elections. For the past two years, Donald Trump and the Republican party have controlled congress - both the House and the Senate - but last night things got shaken up. In particular, the women of America came to play, even if we experienced more of a “purple tide” than the “blue wave” Dems predicted.


After one of the most divisive political campaigns leading to a midterm election in US history, Democrats were able to take back the House, winning a majority vote.

Although some states are still being counted, the Blue party is holding strong with 222 seats compared to the Red’s 196 seats. As of 12:30PST on 11/7 there are still 17 undeclared seats.

Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite election highlights - especially the WINNING LADIES of the hour. And, as a bonus, at the end I’ll mention a few other cool election outcomes that deserve a little attention.

But first, a little context:

This is a big win for Democrats - with many in the country seeing this as an opportunity to create a new checks and balance system for Trumpian policies and fear-mongering nationwide. Most likely, the initial outcome of Democratic House control in January will be new policy proposals pushing a more inclusive message for American identity than that which has been bandied about by Trump. Also, they’ll have subpoena power now, and if needed, the ability to begin an impeachment process.

Of course, it’s also a very real possibility that our government will experience significant gridlock in the next two years leading up to the next presidential election. With the House and Senate divided on party lines, and with Trump as leader, much of the work will likely be stopping more bad policies from landing. While I wish we could see a great deal of progress in the next two years, I’ll settle for slowing Trump’s momentum - hopefully to a grinding halt.


And now, on to the WOMEN!

Currently women make up only 20% of congress, and I shouldn’t have to tell you that most of those women are white. This “progress” is too slow, and predicated on white feminism that disregards black and brown women. In my opinion, white women are only allowed in so that those in power can say “look, there’s representation” - real equity isn’t going to happen until we see women of all backgrounds breaking through. Until then, white women who think they’ve achieved something should take a moment to analyze the system, and see where they’re playing into white male supremacy (which allows in a quota of white women in order to maintain optics and assuage feminist critique).

Okay, off my bandwagon. ;) Here are some incredible women who broke through last night and are making me feel inspired about our country’s leadership (it’s been awhile, let’s celebrate where and when we can!):

First up, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now the youngest woman ever elected to Congress at 29 years old.

She won NY’s 14th Congressional District with a landslide vote of 78%. She was already one to watch when she flipped the book on Crowley - a seasoned Democratic candidate earlier in June. At the time it was unprecedented, and now she’s continuing her momentum.

Michigan rocked the boat by electing two Democratic Muslim women to congress.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the voices we need now. Omar is Somali-American and won by 78%, and Tlaib is Palestinian-American and won by 84.8%! Michigan - I love those #’s.

I couldn’t love Sharice Davids more - she’s a literal badass. She’s a lesbian, MMA fighter, and now in congress.

She’s also one of the very first Native American women elected to congress. When I think about intersectionality and female power, I think a lot about women like this. I am so thrilled she’s in the government, repping Kansas.

Along with Sharice, Deb Haaland just became one of the first Native American women to join congress.

Representing New Mexico, Deb’s victory is a landmark decision for our nation as well as this state. It’s sending a message across our country that there is a place for native people’s at the decision-making table in this country.

Ayanna Presley secured another historic win, becoming the first Black women to represent the state of Massachusetts.

Not only is she the first black woman, she’s the first woman of color. Period. This is a big moment for MA, and she’s a deserving candidate with a catch phrase that I love: “The people closest to the pain should be closest to the power.”

Another win came when Letitia James made history as the first black woman elected to be NY Attorney General.

With more than 81% of the vote, James won by a landslide, a fact which gives me hope and a lot of thanks for New Yorkers. NY Daily News says that “James had already made history as the first black woman elected to citywide office when she became public advocate in 2013.”

Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia also made history as the first Latinas Texas will ever send to Congress.

Both women won their votes easily, with over 60% of voters support. Their election, with current immigration issues under close scrutiny, will provide an important Latinx voice in our government when it is needed the most.

These are big wins for the US. Not to say that last night went perfectly - but how awesome is it to see these women stepping up within our government?

A few other things to continue to watch:

Nancy Pelosi is poised to be elected as Speaker of the House in upcoming leadership elections.

Now that Democrats have control of the House, this could be a real issue for Trump who has not held back in speaking his mind about Pelosi - and in typical Trump fashion the comments have been vile. If she’s now facing him as the Speaker, it will be interesting to see how he tries to manage this relationship.

In Georgia, Dem candidate Stacey Abrams refuses to cede the election, waiting to see if absentee ballots merit a runoff.

The election in Georgia has been one of the most widely publicized, with many claims of voter suppression, particularly towards black voters. With nearly 77,000 uncounted votes in predominantly liberal pockets of the state, Abrams is holding out, and I am holding my breath to see what happens.

In an unexpected twist, Trump forced US Attorney General Jeff Sessions out of office less than 24 hours after the election.

Sessions has been a key figure in the Trump administration, notably bolstering immigration policies and inspiring a hilarious series of less-than-flattering Saturday Night Live skits.

And that’s all the highlights I have for you on my end! Overall, this election was a mixed bag - but I’ve learned how important it is to take time to celebrate the victories. May they give us strength to keep on fighting!

What was the highlight of the election for you?

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💜💜💜💙 🎉

I will take purple! Thank you for this post. ☺️


You’re so welcome, thanks for reading!! And like you - I will most definitely take purple over red any day. :)

I'm glad the country is slowly turning around. American politics have been..... well... I'm sure you know all about it moreso than I. From the outside looking in though it's as if I'm watching the movie Idiocracy slowly turn into reality..

Very good to see more women in government positions, but honestly the amount is far too low still! Sometimes it surprises me that in the USA, traditionally the front-runner on emancipation issues, things like women in positions of power are still an issue...


American politics have been exactly like watching the:

movie Idiocracy slowly turn into reality

Haha. You hit the nail on the head. The Onion ran a joke on IG saying they were going out of business because they could no longer make up headlines more outrageous than real life American news. It’s a circus out there.

And I also totally agree that we need more women in office stat. The fact that there are so many “historic wins” to be had shows just how much of a problem it is. Still, glad to see glass shattering, even if it’s just one window pane at a time. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts/support!

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Oh yeah, we are getting more power.

It is great to see more women standing up to be a part of big positions and working towards change. Countries keep going downhill so long as the politicians are all the same and something isn't done about it.


Thanks for stopping by and offering your thoughts. There’s a lot of things out there in the world that aren’t pleasant right now - so it’s nice to have something to celebrate. Totally agree that politicians need to keep being different in order to keep a country’s policy fresh. :)

You did a wonderful job of covering this distraction. Because that is all this election and every other election is; a distraction from what is really taking place. The people of the United States of America for the most part do not have a clue about our "true government" and I hate to say it but you don't either if you think this is a big deal that these women were elected.
The fact of the matter is that none of the elected officials in Washigton DC , including the president, have ever taken the proper oaths of office to hold those offices they were elected too. I will also guarantee you that these newcomers will also not take the proper oath needed to be a member of the government of the United States of America, they may take an oath and they will, but that would make them a member of the US government and there is a difference despite most peoples lack of knowledge of this.
So while this all seems like a grand thing, the big picture of what is really taking place in this country is still hidden in plain sight and not many people are even aware of it.
I won't say any more and but you really need to look at history to understand that we are not operating as the country that was founded under the constitution, and we operate as a bankrupt corporation that is a de-facto government made to mimic what was created.


Interesting points here @sultnpapper. I was watching a documentary just a few days ago regarding our banking system here and how it too is not what people think it is. It even goes beyond being based on fiat currency and all the way to simply printing money from thin air whenever the Fed decides the time is right.

My question regarding the oaths is this: if the oaths being taken are accepted by the old and new members of each party as well as by the members of the public, how does that make the oaths not legitimate? It seems as though as long as the intent is the same, the wording could change substantially and it wouldn't make a difference. Words are important though, so I'm curious as to your take on it.


Thanks for that question, @mattifer, I was wondering similarly about what you mean about “proper oaths". I do agree with you @sultnpapper that for the most part the whole system is riddled with issues, and that many politicians may not be treating their oaths with the honor these pledges deserve.


The oath that none of the elected officials take is the one that simply states, that the person will support the constitution. It is the very first statute passed by the first congress of the United States of America, but most people don't understand that the constitution has been suspended. That is why that oath is not given, they know damn well that they (elected officials) are not following the constitution. If they were given that oath and had any character at all they would have to admit that everything you are seeing and witnessing is nothing more than an acting job while they are screwing us left and right.
So by "proper oaths" I mean the oaths that are required to hold an office in the government of the United States of America.
That oath is required of all the elected officials in Washington, there are other oaths that are also required for specific offices such as president. tRump is not the president of the United States of America, he did not take the two oaths required to become president. He took one oath and that might be good enough to be president of the bankrupt corporation known as the US or US government but there is a difference between that and the United States of America.


This is really interesting - thanks for taking the time to tell me more - I didn’t realize there was this intricacy to what people are saying when they take office. I’m going to do some more research now that I know what I don’t know!


It really is amazing how much we don't know that we think we know. The congressional records are a great place to find a lot of information about how things really are. I have done several Daily Doses about these subjects and will continue to do so as time allows me, but right now I am really pressed for time or I would go grab a couple links from those. You will be amazed at what you will learn though.


I am glad you taking an interest in the banking system and learning. I hope that you also learned that the Fed is not part of the government, despite the name Federal Reserve Bank, it is a privately held corporation formed by the major banks back in the early 1900's and has remained privately held since then.
If you want an interesting read about "our" banking system go online and find the Federal Reserve Bank's employee training manual titled "Modern Money Mechanics" and learn for yourself that a bank has no risk when they "loan money".
First there is no money. Secondly, the banks can't loan anything they have on deposit. So what they are doing is acting as if they loan you something and the funds are actually created by your signature on the "loan documents". They use a process called double entry book keeping, and while I won't go into all the specifics of it here, just know that at the end of each day they have to balance their books. They do this by creating the money with your signature and opening an account in your name. On was side of ledger is a debit for the amount of money you got and other side of the ledger is a credit for the same amount. The only problem is that these loans have you paying interest on them and nowhere is the interest money created. That is how the people and government have ended up over $23 trillion in debt, is because that money was never created it was agreed upon that you would pay interest, now you have to find somewhere to get it from.
This whole system is a house of cards waiting for a big wind storm to blow it all down. I hope that the documentary you watched explained that the only lawful money in the United States of America is gold and silver coin. We have no lawful money any longer, we have a "money" substitute known as legal tender, it is not lawful money.
I answered the part of your questions about oaths in the comment to @lilyraabe , I hope that answer will explain, if not let me know and I will try to explain it better.
I will say one thing here though that I didn't cover in that reply and it is about that we accept the oaths they take as legit. We accept it because most people don't know what the requirements are, we rely on the media to broadcast these oaths and swearing in ceremonies on public television so we believe everything is as should be and that is a mistake on our part for not learning and knowing how our government was designed and should work, and trusting others to tell us the truth.


Yes, the documentary I watched went into great detail about how the government pays high interest rates to the privately owned Fed and gave some great info on the creation of money by both the Fed and the banks. It didn't specify that the money is created by my signature, but did say that the banks are creating money out of nothing and certainly not lending me the deposits of others. I didn't know that before. I had always thought banks worked by lending out deposits and by investing those same deposits.

It's crazy that it has managed to stay afloat this long.

I've tried to do research as to where gold gets its value from, but I haven't found much beyond, "Well, it's rare, but not too rare." Why is it such a valuable metal? It's soft....? I know that our currency used to be based on the gold standard, but I guess I'm at a loss as to how a gold standard would be intrinsically more valuable than a Redwood standard or a Fossil standard. It's just a thing that some people decided was popular and valuable and that belief seems to bolster its value.

I love that there are more women being elected. Thanks for highlighting them! Do you happen to know the numbers of men vs women in elected roles at this point?

I'm also a little confused though. You wrote:

white women who think they’ve achieved something should take a step back to realize that they’re playing into white male supremacy

Are you suggesting that white women should not bother running for office? If not, what do you mean by they "should take a step back"? I'm a big fan of diversity among our elected officials - but I don't see white women stepping back so as not to play into white male supremacy as a viable solution to increasing that diversity.


Hey, thanks for the response. I don’t know overall stats - just that it’s been roughly about 20% ladies in Congress.

Thanks for asking me to clarify rather than assuming - I really appreciate that! What I meant is: I feel like sometimes I’m given a “cookie” as a white woman - which is supposed to make me feel like I’ve achieved something. It also makes it easy to be blind to all the other people who aren’t getting cookies at all. When “gender equity” only promotes white women, I’m asking for white women to consider that their position is more fragile than they’re being led to believe -- they empowered, but more to be the “token” than an equal. I think ALL women should run for office, white women included! I just don’t want them to be blind to why they’re the ones getting the majority of the “power" - if that makes sense? I want them to “step back and consider the situation”, and approach things with a more critical mindset that will ultimately lead to more fairly distributed power for all people. :)

Time will show if this was a right choice. For me it doesn't matter what color or gender is the politician, it's important what he's doing and his plan. We should focus on their work not their background.