School children can stock investment

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in the time of the digital age now, technology (especially HP) has been very closely with the life of the general public. Already there is no longer limits, life feels comfortable because all the needs and the purposes of the human already made easy with the use of technology, included in the economy. If the first person to invest stock, only those who considered the rich, with economic status upscale. And to make a purchase shares they should through the broker with the steps quite complicated. But now in the time of the digital age this, we all have a very made easy, just using mobile we already can sale stock we want. So that we do not need to spend time US. Tranding onlinesangat allow US in transact stock because you can do wherever you are and whatever your status your good as pegawau, employees, labor, self-employed, civil servants, self-employment, and home mom tanggaatau child school also, we all can invest stock. On this occasion I will discuss how easy way to invest stock, even child school once can invest stock. The following steps: first, the register data yourself to the Securities. There is a great selection of Securities, you can choose Securities terpecaya. My advice look for Securities famous and experienced and do not forget look for Securities cost fee buy and fee jualnyayang low enough. Because every you buy stock and sell it, it will cost. Generally fee buy 0,25% and fees sale 0,3%. Second, the contents of all the registration form data yourself in Securities that you have select and include also document other equipment such as: copy ID card and copy of tin (if any). And be sure to bring mobile ataulaptop you. Because phone or laptopanda will be installed with applications / softwaresekuritas, so with the application, you can do sale stock, simply through your gadgets only. Third, wait news from customer servicesekuritas you. Approximately 2 weeks, once you enroll in Securities to no.rekening Securities you declared active. Fourth, if no.rekening Securities you already active, then the next step is your money transfer that you want to invest. As a beginner, I recommend not to invest you in large numbers. Because stock investment including investment risk is high enough. Therefore do not use all of your funds. Use more funds you or fund remaining after you have to use it to meet the needs of the principal. As for the minimum investment funds is for USD 100.000, - fifth, now you can do transactions - buy stocks you want. And to do the transaction your stock enough sign in to form buy / sell on the application of Securities you. Stock price tend to fluctuate. Of course, everyone invest stock, definitely want to gain. To obtain the results or advantage of the stock investment. You need to pay attention to several factors following this, before you decide to buy a particular shares, such as follows: buy stock when the price drops and sell when the stock price up. Because if you buy the current stock price up, it is very high risk. Shares will correction so it is likely the price is likely to menurun.pelajari stock price, you must be good to see and analyze the graph stock price based on the time period. Because if you can't see and analyze the graph stock price, you will be difficult to obtain the advantage (capital gain). In contrast, if you can analyze the graph stock price with the right, then you will most likely benefit ataucapital gain. Period watuk suitable to be material analysis you are at least one month until one tahun.update news, you must often listen to the latest news, both the news that occur in the country and abroad. Because each occurrence occur good news domestic and foreign influence the movement of index. News of the including news world oil prices, news price increase fuel in the country. News from the Fed, political news in / abroad, demonstrations, terrorism, dll.pilihlah shares cheap, if you want to buy stock safe or change the price is that tends stable, you can choose stocks lq-45. But stock -saham lq-45 costs are pretty expensive and tends not affordable for middle class down. Therefore buy stocks cheap, with a price range around rp100-1000 / lembarnya (rp10.000-100.000 / lot) .harus patient and carefully, because with patience and accuracy high, you can take a decision exactly as well. Because in investing stock you must be carefully and to know when to the right time to buy stocks, and when the right time to sell shares, and when the right time to hold it (keep). The third question is what we have to know the answer before decision making. A professional though, they do not rely solely on experience alone, but they continue to learn in analyzing a stock. Due to obtain a great advantage in investing stock must have the skills in analyzing a stock so as to make decisions with the right. Thus tips can I tell you in investing in stocks, hopefully tips this useful to you. Good luck.

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