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Well that’s impressive, love your vlog

Best of luck Luke!!! Keep up the great journalism and keep networking with European journalists.

  ·  3년 전

Fantastic vid! Great guest, thanks for introducing us to him.

@lukewearechange I am glad I subscribed to your channel. I learn something new every time I watch your show. Keep it up my friend.

Thanks, LUKE! Resteemed! Down with the B-Bergers!!

First time watching, but I think I will follow.

Its your time have fun..afterall what is life for????

Awesome man~

@lukewearechange Do your Thing Brother and get Up in the Face of these Criminals...........The World is Backing the Positive Things that Luke and Joby are doing......

@lukewearechange keep doing the right thing brother. I have been subscribed to your work on youtube for sometime and I find it very helpful in deconstructing the grand lies peddled as "news" by Lamestream Media.

I have been searching your channel and steem account for anything you might have done on Geoengineering, I could not find any. Please flip me a link if you get a chance. I authored this post on a certain obscure aspect of Geoengineering that very few people seem to be aware of, I was wondering whats your take on it-

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Good to know you are out there!!

If they asked your to join, would you?

Keep us posted on anything you see over there...

Awesome video! Yes we all hold the power to break the cartels! I am glad I came across this channel! Love the topics and what amazing concepts! Water tokens! I fully support that. Blockchain is changing the world and faster than we all realize.

You wont find any mainstream media. I found another blogger covering this topic and this is now the second video... Its never good when so many powerful people meet and they dont allow the public to actually listen in... tis no good and we need to expose them. Then there is this 'agenda" they released... sure thats what your talking about.

but yeah I will bo following you guys! keep up the good work.
Great Video.jpg

Great job Luke, as always. Decentralization of everything will render the entire establishment mostly useless. I'll def reach out to Jobyweeks! Also, great intro, lol!

Joby Weeks is an amazing anarcho capitalist, a successful millionaire that helps people and promotes freedom! Invade Bilderberg! :D

Great video. I am part of this new movement of not using this fiat money.
Change is coming.

Great work I love what Joby does he's an inspiration. I have an account with BitClub a very small one but it will build. Joby personally helped me set it up. He' genuine guy who want to change the paradigm amazing.

Keep up the great work Luke the monkey is stirring 💯🐒