Steepshot (unreleased)- A Platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience

4년 전

Hello Steemit Community,


Steepshot is the blockchain-powered censorship-resistant app that you can use to share cool pictures with your friends, curate and comment their photos and get crypto rewards for your activity.

Get in early & take advantage of this amazing application.

Smash the upvote & resteem this post so that everyone can know about it!

Join my discord server for such cool updates, crypto trends & much more.

Thanks for reading!


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thanks for inform to us


You are welcome brother!

Please give complete information about this.


Bro just go to the google play store or app store & download this app... The complete detail is mentioned in my post, this app allows you to post pictures on which you get rewarded. Kindly download the app first & then if you face any difficulties let me know about them.

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