Magic Leap first showed its revolutionary complementary reality headset

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Magic Leap first showed its revolutionary complementary reality headset

After seven years of development, loud statements and several impressive video demonstrations, the mysterious start-up Magic Leap has finally opened the veil of secrecy over the revolutionary headset of reality with the technology of projecting images directly onto the retina, which we first wrote three years ago. So, the novelty is called uncomplicated - Magic Leap One.

Detailed manufacturer's technical specifications are still kept secret, but some details are still disclosed.

As you can see in the images, Magic Leap One actually consists of three main parts. This is directly the Lightwear itself, which is noticeably more compact than the direct competitor Microsoft Hololens, the virtual reality set Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other affordable solutions, but they are noticeably larger than usual glasses. Earlier, Magic Leap promised that the headset could be safely worn on the street, without experiencing any discomfort in terms of appearance. As you can see, the manufacturer kept his promise. The device looks quite aesthetically attractive and can easily pass for a fashionable accessory.

The second part is a Lightpack computing unit that looks like a small CD player that can be attached to your pocket or hung on your shoulder. The computer module is connected to the headset with a cable.

According to the founder of Magic Leap Roni Abovits, this "baby" is comparable in performance to the MacBook Pro and gaming computers. Journalist Rolling Stone Brian Crescente, who was invited to the office of Magic Leap and gave a try to the device, says that he did not notice any performance problems with the headset. What is specifically contained in this small round case is unclear, but it can be assumed that there are some specialized image processors and a lot of sensors responsible for tracking the look, movements and other tasks.

Mentioned some technology of the light field Digital Lightfield, which allows you to connect the virtual world with the real environment of the user.

What really separates the development of Magic Leap against the others is the set of sensors that provides the interaction of real objects with virtual ones. That is, a virtual cat can bypass real obstacles like a chair or a toy, and not pass through them like Copperfield, and any digital element can be "fixed" in space as real.

Finally, the third element is a small controller with buttons and a touch surface.

The headset will be available in two sizes. Users can customize them in the area of ​​the nose, forehead and temples. Also, there is the possibility of adjusting the focus for users with myopia and hyperopia. Informs that the headset is optimized for comfortable long wearing. A Rolling Stone journalist confirms this by saying that the headset is very light and can work for hours without any discomfort.

The site Magic Leap lists possible scenarios for using the device. It, certainly, games, travel on the Internet, online purchases, display of information screens, virtual meetings with other people and creativity. Magic Leap One does not cover the entire field of view of a person, but displays objects within a limited area before the eyes. At the same time, according to the journalist Rolling Stone, the Magic Leap points this area is much more than Hololens.

What you see on the images is actually a version of the headset for the "creators". Apparently, by "creators" the company means developers of applications and content. They will be able to get a headset next year, when the company plans to start deliveries. When exactly the points come out and how much they will cost, it is still unknown. But it is obvious that this technology will not be cheap.

Summing up all the above, the development of Magic Leap is really impressive and it seems something revolutionary, but Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens at the time of the announcement produced about the same impression and caused similar emotions, but years have passed since then, and a consumer product with real usage scenarios we have not yet seen. So it's better to be as cool and patient as possible, and time will tell if the revolution is really in the segment of augmented reality.

Source: Rolling Stone and Magic Leap


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I've been following the progress of magic leap for only 4 years, I started watching even a few employees stayed at a hotel I worked at. I was so excited to meet"real techies" I almost couldn't stand it. Good to see some hardware!

These looks really cool and fun to use. They are also a bit smaller then Holo lens for example, aren't they? I hope there will be smaller and smaller devices so it feels more natural to use:-)


yeah looks laik.

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