Daylight Savings Time - Can we make this the last time change?

2년 전

Government does a lot of stupid shit by getting involved in things they have no business getting involved in. The time of day is one of them.


In a perfect example of how people unaccountable for their actions fail to see the unintended consequences of their dumb laws, here are just some of the reasons DST is a dumb idea:

  • The Risk of Heart Attacks increases by 24%

  • There is a 5.4 to 7.6 % incerease in deadly car crashes

  • There is a 6% increase in workplace injuries

  • Legal sentences are longer, sleep-deprived judges tend to be harsher on their defendants. Sentences are a very slight 5 percent longer when handed down on the day after DST.

  • More miscarriages for women doing IVF. In the weeks following the shift to DST, more women undergoing in vitro fertilization have miscarriages; researchers think the effect of disrupting circadian rhythms does change fertility a bit.

Can we just end this outdated practice already?


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Agreed @matthewwarn. I used to live in Arizona where we never changed the clocks and we all survived!