Trump Nobel Peace Prize nominations, but ...

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c71d843ff83834edc3c61778647bbbbb-5a98240cb85b8.jpgLast year's prize was awarded to Nobel laureates in the last month. The list of those who will be nominated this year has started. In the meantime a news came out that the US President Donald Trump received the Nobel Prize for Peace. Trump has received nomination in peace. But later it was known, it is not exactly the same, which is being considered.

US President Donald Trump has found a news nomination for the Nobel Prize in Peace The Nobel Committee complained to the Norwegian police about the fraud. An unidentified US citizen sent the name of the trump to the International Nobel Committee for role in bringing 'world peace through force'. It is said that the Nobel Peace Prize has been nominated for this year. The speech was given by the Nobel Committee for the authenticity of the news.

Olav Nolstad, director of Norwegian Nobel Institute of Oslo, told reporters, "The nomination is fake. Last year we saw many such 'false nominations'.

Olov Nolstad, Director of Oslo's Nobel Institute. Photo: Collected
Olov Nolstad, Director of Oslo's Nobel Institute. Photo: Collected
This year, 329 nominations were received, of which 217 people in the middle and 112 were nominated. For the consideration of the Nobel Committee, the end date for sending nominations every year is January 31. After that many such false news spreads. Government officials, MPs, former Nobel laureates, university teachers and some selected persons can send names for the Nobel. The job of getting the nomination is done in strict secrecy.

The names of people who received the Nobel Prize were published every October in the beginning of October. Anyone who received the Nobel for the job, it was informed.

Among US presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton earned the respect. References: USA Today and New York Times.

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Trump Nobel Peace Prize nominations this is real news or fack news