A brief politcal rant by a frustrated artist

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I had like two pages of writing for this post that I just deleted. And I did it on purpose. The deleting, I mean. I'm tired, frustrated, and pissed off. Not about my art. That's progressing nicely, and I'll get to it in a second. But about my country. About the people who live here. About the people who are supposed to be our leaders. About how we claim to be the best nation on earth yet...yet... Yet what our politicians have been doing. What they say they've been doing it for...whom they've been doing it for. These last couple years it seems like the veil that hid how dirty the world really was was lifted, and the evil people don't even care. In fact, they seem to be empowered by the very people who say they hate that kind of thing. Emboldened by the light being shined on them through social media, through the news. They don't fucking care. They revel in it. They piss on what this country, my country, is supposed to represent, and then tell me I'm in the wrong for caring.

Last time I checked we were a nation of immigrants. But we seem to be throwing them in internment camps now. Separating children from their parents. The people doing it, throwing up their hands claiming innocence and pointing their fingers at others. Some believing the lies, some making them even bigger. Most appalled. The biggest issue...not how we're acting like uncivilized animals treating human beings like pawns in a political game...but about how we need a stupid wall.

We're supposed to be a wealthy nation. Yet, 40million people live in day-to-day poverty fighting just to pay rent and buy food. Our minimum wage hasn't been raised in decades leaving the most vulnerable people to struggle. Six million people live in complete poverty with absolutely nothing. Yet, we blame them for being in that situation and continue to write legislation to make it harder for them to live, for them to get out of that situation. People are literally starting to death and dying in the streets, but, it's their fault for not trying hard enough. The same people making these laws and spouting that bullshit sit comfortably in their mansions enjoying the benefits of pockets lined by big business.

We say we're about the people, and the future of our people. But, on a daily basis my administration works to destroy the environment, cut retirement benefits that people paid for, gut the health services that keep a majority of the population healthy, and give corporations tax cuts. There is a direct line to where all the money is going, and it's not to the people. Countless verifiable studies have been done that tell us what we can do to make it all better, but defying all logic, our politicians continue to do the complete opposite...all in the interest of the few. Not the people, but the persons. Recently I found out that 52 people control half...half...of all the worlds wealth. Take that in for a second. 52 people, half the wealth of the world. And, it's only going to get more pyramidal as time goes on.

We try and claim moral superiority, but I don't think anyone can do that with a straight face anymore. We commit atrocities on a daily basis and write them off just as quickly. What used to outrage us now is just another day. We're numbed. Numbed to the core. Because it's too much. Way too much. I mean, churches supporting people who are going against pretty much all the tenants of the Bible. Unless I've forgotten all the lessons I was taught. When did religions start supporting people that are so obviously morally corrupt. Who are visibly bad people. Who admit to being bad people. Who break laws, both from above and on this earth, on a regular basis. Yet, they forgive them...why? Why?

There is so much hypocrisy I can barely stand it. The disregard for logic, compassion, humanity...it's fucking ridiculous. Yet, it seems to be ok with those who represent us. Well, those who are supposed to represent us. Even those who say they are with the people make me wonder...thinking, what's the deeper game? Are you really here to help, or just secure a position in the next regime? You can't even tell anymore. Chess games within chess games within chess games...and which of those games are being played to actually help humanity?

Power games have always been a thing in our civilization. People want to be on top. That will never change. We're animals, we need our pecking orders. But, the degree to which we separate resources from people who need them and give them to those who don't with complete disregard for literally everything is astounding. Thanks to technology we're able to do more than ever before. We have multiplied our strength, our ability to communicate, our ability to see/learn/do...yet, what has a majority of this been applied to? Definitely not helping humanity.

There are voices that speak out. People that try and do something. But, more and more they are being silenced. Not just in frustration, but by the very systems they are trying to change. Rules, laws, policies, work to enforce the current order, and more are being made every day to prevent an upset of the system. Police have been emboldened to act more aggressively, courts look the other way, our elders send continual mixed messages in vain attempts to keep their positions and not piss off the establishment. Many rush to the new emperor to curry favor, unsure of the future of freedom in a system that continues to get tighter and tighter.

It's completely ridiculous, but that's the world we live in. Those who are financially better off, and I'm not talking about the elite who slush around millions of dollars, but the people who think they are comfortable and safe in the middle class. What they don't realize is that they are next. As sure as a glacier on it's path, they are next. Class warfare is real, more real than they care to think about. Resources are going to continue to flow in one direction. Morality is also going to continue to flow in one direction. People are going to fall in one direction. Unless people act...unless people get off Facebook and do some protesting, write some letters, run for office, just fucking do something instead of talk.

This isn't the past. We can't bear our arms and rise up in rebellion to overthrow those we feel are wronging us. To go against a government as widespread, well entrenched, and protected as ours...that would be impossible. An AR-15, a dozen, hundreds, against our National Guard, the army? Yeah, that's a joke. We need to use our own system to regain control. People screaming about the second amendment rights have a point. We need to be able to rise up and defend ourselves. But, not in the way that they think. That's just idiotic. To think you could violently resist the police, or any control system...well, maybe if you're a white middle class citizen they won't shoot you on sight...but, violence like that won't do anything but get you killed or land you in prison.

Ugh, as an empathetic, intelligent and logical person...this is a rough world to live in. As an artist...I have certain duties I need to take up :\

Anyways...I should really get to the original post that this was supposed to be. You know, one showing you cool drawings and stuff. I just had to get this out...even though it won't really do any good. The people who agree with this, agree with this. Those that don't, will gladly throw acid in my face and call me a snowflake libtard. My only comfort is that all that's happening is going to fuck them just as hard as it's fucking me...maybe harder, because they think they live in a castle on the hill and it won't happen to them.

Be well everyone! Stay tuned for art stuff! :)


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Be well 💓


Hehe, trying :) My own head is getting better, but that's allowing me to see more with what's wrong with the world and frustrating me because there's only so much I can do...


hehe, trying :) my own head is getting better, but that's allowing me to see more with what's wrong with the world and frustrating me because there's only so much i can do...


Lol. If only life were like a Street Fighter match...bet you he got the combo in.