Las Vegas and NORTH Las Vegas, NV does it yet again!

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Yesterday, 12-1-20, the Cities of North Las Vegas and Las Vegas began dismantling a Homeless encampment. The encampment had been approved and was being regulated to assure a safe area for the homeless children. The eradication of the Camp was apparently UNAPPROVED since not a single person in the 2 cities government could find the required permits for its removal. In SUB FREEZING weather and the global Pandemic, the GOOD CITIES chose to kick children and their Parents out of what little shelter they had and once again are apparently trying to eradicate the houseless problem through CHILD ENDANGERMENT and MURDER. What else can you call it when the Federal Government has forced 40 MILLION people into this situation? If not RIGHT NOW, then they will certainly be on the streets by DECEMBER 31. Yeah, right AFTER Christmas. Thank you so very much, John Jay Lee (Mayor of North Las Vegas), Carolyn G. Goodman (Mayor of Las Vegas), Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and DONALD TRUMP and all the little WORKER ANTS that NEVER question the psychopathic orders that com from on high.
Do you really want to visit a city like this? REALLY?

© Mitchell 2020-12-02

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