Sorry 'bout that!

7개월 전

I apologize for not writing more of late, but, politics being what they are, I got side tracked.

"No" I do not hold an office in anything, only to be up front about this, and am a little to radical to be able to run. Indeed I am trying to write out a way to shut down the various private entities that front to being "approved Government Party heads" You all know these things, the DNC, DCCC, RNC among others. I am so tired of the "Backroom Politicking" that goes on where we end up with "Who can Pay us the most" candidate instead of a DEMOCRATICALLY VOTED on candidate.
In a lawsuit that originated in 2016 against the DNC, their Attorney, Bruce V. Spiva, argued that "If the DNC leadership wanted to sit in a backroom smoking cigars and choose the Candidate, that would be their RIGHT", really??? They need to end! Mitch, out

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