What the Market will BEAR? Your kidding, right?

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Successful Retailing??

When I was in college and taking “Business Management” there was a kind of unwritten rule that went “If you are going to have a successful Retail business you must always remember that you Charge Whatever the Market will BEAR”. Now, I realize that usually the idea is to INCREASE prices during times of prosperity, but right now, who is prospering? I see upwards of 55% of the citizens of this country OUT OF WORK and getting Nothing from the Fed by way of assistance. Indeed, our president is doing his damnedest to make certain that everyone who lives is either a Billionaire or they could be homeless. Our Congress is not to different in that Nancy Pelosi sits and whines about Mitch McConnell tabling the Stimulus packages from the House. While on the other hand, Mitch McConnell sits and accuses the Democrats for not voting for his bill. Wait a minute, doesn’t the Senate have a Republican Majority? Then WHY is it that even his own President, who I might add is a REPUBLICAN, can’t get “Mediocre Mitch” to extend unemployment benefits?

And the thought is that the Country is doing GREAT??? Which Country? Certainly not the U.S. of A. Just a small comparison in retailing, of course, being the Major Pharmaceutical Companies. They have taken a product that World Wide makes them a couple of Billion dollars a year, but when it comes to the U.S. of A. they jack up the prices over 1000% and make the “Couple of Billion” into between 10 Billion and 20 Billions per year. Automobile manufacturers moved their operations out of the U.S. to other countries to reduce the cost of building cars here in the U.S. but have they lowered the cost of a New Car? Well, that would be NO. When virtually NO ONE who usually buys a new Car is OUT of WORK (no income) and their buying power is gone, do the prices of ANYTHING come down? Um, this is kind of boring, but NO!

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