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Warning. This Material is not for the faint of heart. Current events needed to be organized and presented from the beginning, so here is my humble attempt.

All Q-Posts Read aloud in this Documentary are read exactly as archived 4chan and later 8chan posts show. This documentary tries its best to provide the entire picture, with relevant footage, news sources, and historical images.

Background info available at the bottom of the page

QAnon Posts: 1-31 | The Martial Law that Never Happened

Here are the first information drops from the anonymous user on 4chan, later known as Q. All of these posts started one week before the planned November 5th 2017 Antifa Riots.

QAnon Posts: 32-66 | Biggest Intel Drop In History

These Q posts uncover a particularly nefarious attempt against the President's Twitter account to Geo Target the President's exact location, implying an attempt on POTUS.

QAnon Posts: 67-115 | Hidden Cyber Warfare

Here is where the Q-Anon community begins to organize material, and make a coordinated effort to share information. Some unknown entity or group begins to post altered Q-Anon intel spinning a different narrative. It becomes apparent that a cyberwar is being fought.

QAnon Posts: 116-150 | A History Lesson

Are you aware of who owns the federal reserve? It's mind boggling.

Background info:

This all starts with an anonymous user on the website 4chan posting long paragraphs of "insider intel." These long paragraphs of information lead to the uncovering of a much different picture than is being painted in the mainstream news.

Before you run away, Skepticism is understandable.

Its important to keep in mind that the website 4chan is a place with absolutely zero censorship, and its also a platform to remain anonymous where it is harder to trace your location/ip. If you can believe Russian Hackers and Bots influenced our election, you should be able to at least concede that a platform like this COULD be used by our own intelligence agencies to drop information the normal public could not understand.. as in... the normal public might panic upon hearing what is REALLY happening right now.

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