Genesis Mining (Inside Joke)

4년 전


I'm sure you guys know that Genesis Mining is not making payments and most people are dissapointed about that but one guy on YouTube has taken it to the next level and goes ham on Genesis Mining! Watch as, YellowFever4U displays his anger towards Genesis Mining in the most creative and funniest video I've ever seen! And if you haven't already, you should subscribe to his YouTube Channel!


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Great scene, and funny when edited like this... I currently get Genesis mining payouts and they are deposited into my trading account wallet...

most recent deposits 8/11, 8/14 and that includes deposits of LTC and ETH and Dash.

ETH was not paying out all month then just got $6 worth of ETH in my exchange wallet.

I switch wallet address between Bittrex and Poloniex.
I have been paid back from Genesis since January.


Nice, you're one of the lucky ones!

thanks for share

If that isn't the truth. Trevon and Craig Grant (chuck and Jive ) hustlers. Anytime their is a referral program RUN. YellowFever4U is a wise crypto guy from Arizona!


lol YES! I like how it talks about Travon James. I was dying!


This video should go down in history and archived for the crypto world


YES!!! I agreee