DTube - BREAKING: War With Syria Imminent Due To Israel/US False Flag Chemical Attack

4년 전

The war drums surrounding Syria are beating louder than they ever have before.

Nearly one year to the day in a scenario that has played itself out time and time again the US is accusing Syria’s Bashar Al Assad of attacking his own people just days after Trump announced the US would be withdrawing from his war torn nation. Right on cue an alleged chemical attack was launched killing many women and children providing the excuse that was needed to enter the region under the guise of a humanitarian mission.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth cuts through the lies by countering the propaganda while pointing the finger at the real enemy, Israel and the United States itself!

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Fuck it...I'm ready for WW3 now let's just cut the shit and get on with it so we can all (well those left) move on please.

Syria is a rich oil country and it produces 0.5% oil supply in global production - ...they destabilized the country... then war took place.... hmmm...

fantastic video! this needs to be resteemed far and wide!
a falseflag hoax leading us into another war once again. They even used mannequins this time!
There's no good side in this war, but the US still manages to come out as the worst of the bunch. Trump proving to be a puppet of the Miltary Industrial Complex, the Banks, the Oil Companies...and Israel.


Tucker Carlson: "What US national security interest is served by invading #Syria ?"
Senator Wicker: "Well, if you care about Israel.."

Love your vids, keep up the great work!!

Can anyone say false flag? I smell a rat. It really is getting old. Do they really think we are that stupid that we can't see their game?


The western war-mongers are at it again - with ZERO evidence of an actual chemical attack taking place. None. Pure speculation and fake propaganda videos or children 'receiving treatment'. It's all utter garbage to create outrage and 'something must be done'... Don't fall for it..


I couldn't have said it better.


No, I dont think they think we don't know. I think they think they'll get away with starting WWIII, and we won't be able to do a damn thing about it, as we die in droves.

Dan you are great . A lot respect for you and the work you are doing.

It breaks my heart watching innocent Syrian children in Pain and suffering.
May Allah the God Almighty protect and help all innocent people of the world. Ameen.

Glad I found press for truth on steemit. Didn't know you where here. Read and watch you around. LOL


You know, CL. I think YouTube might have done us a big favor................


Yep I have been thinking the same thing. I don't know for sure, but we will see.


Guys like Dan make $125 for his vid production, and we can earn a few pennies for doing what we would be doing for free, anyway. More important, this comment forum far exceeds any of the others... including Disqus because it allows us to uplink and bring in graphics into the mix, too.


dang. Dan's up to $167 already. Nice. These guys can stop begging for support. It's coming by osmosis.


Not from Dan Dicks you won't. I don't go on every article he produces but I have yet to see him even respond or upvote anybody. Then not only does he expect you to up vote his videos he even shows you exactly how to go watch his other videos so he can make more off his brand of propaganda. I don't know who is really right or wrong, I don't think you can believe any of them to be honest but Dan wouldn't make a dime if he was selling the same main stream media stuff hitting the nightly news, who'd brother go look him up to see what he has to say if all you had to do was click on the TV or go to your local news website. So he has to sell the we are on a brink of war due to false flag narratives. Maybe we are, maybe we aren't, they were saying the same thing last year....actually Dan just stated he's been claiming the brink of war narrative for the last six years. You can't believe the Russian narrative about rumors of chemical attacks anymore than anyone else's truth on the matter...because it's all about selling you something and to sell you something it has to have a different twist. For Dan Dicks to stand there and say Russia warned us about possible chemical attacks two weeks ago so it must be a false flag operation shows you what a dick head he can be...just how does he know that Russia wasn't setting up the false flag?...he doesn't he just wants to be able to sell a different narrative that will get the clicks. Every little click fills his pockets and he's not about sharing the wealth as you can plainly see.


too many negative waves, moriarity...........


I assume you are trying to say morality, yes morality or lack there of doesn't just apply to politicians. Plenty of people out there selling their brand of propaganda for a buck and then they wonder why we feel so confused and mislead.


no. It's a line from the 1972 movie "Kelly's Heroes". Go watch it. Great flick. Great cast, too.

The Syrian war can be seen openly. For the sake of power, for the purpose of a ruptured group or humanitarian group in Syria

Same story again and again. They might as well tell us we will do what we like. why bother making up bs.

where is Antifa now that we could put them to good use against the talmudThumping fascists? I hear those chirping crickets, don't you?

I just posted the video of Fox news journalist Tucker Carlson who finally gives a different opinion on the false flag chemical attack than the established media did.

More proof to those loser TRUMP supporters that he is not playing some 4D chess game . He is just another ZIONIST pig 🐷 working for mother land ISRAEL 🇮🇱 ❗️If we go to war over this very obvious false flag then the REPUBLIC is truly dead and the revolution is on . Great report 👏👍

It's a shame that this is still happening in this world

World powers are doing their proxy war in the battle fields of Syria and innocent syrians are killed and destroyed their homeland. Now it is time to think to stop this war and killing of innocent civilians.

2018 WARS:

  1. Syria and Iran has no central banks and are oil rich.
  2. Petro Dollar vs Petro Yuan with gold.
  3. Russia showed middle finger to IMF and its Jewish central banks, now connected to BRICS.
  4. India vs Pakistan - Kashmir issue/ India vs China border issue.
  5. Native South Africans vs South Afrikans.

It's great you called out Israel very clearly here. Your trolls have complained for years that you seem "soft" on them.
I know you've been speaking out against our wars in the middle East for years on YT, as have I. Canada doesn't support Harper's, oops I mean Trudeau's, wars of terror. We're begging to get ourselves dragged into something we don't want to be in. Peace is the only future for us humans. Total War at this point would be a disaster. It's time to heal, and become sustainable, and live in peace. It's time to get the maniacs out of power. They're just going to get a bunch more of us killed or traumatized. Enough.

from an economic perspective, US and Russia needs war. They just need a good reason to start it, nobody wants be "responsible" for this :/

Aren't they tired of war? It's sad to hear but as long as there's wealthy greedy people in the world, there will always be war. For every bullets fired, these pigs are making money.


They make an astronomical fortune out of war, and never put themselves in harm's way. Why would they be tired of it? :'(

Syria is one of few countries which are not obey to jewish world government. If someone thinks that Assad would attack his own people with chemical weapon when he is winning, he is really blind and naive.

Well looks like going to be war.

  ·  4년 전

A Żydom i tak nic nie można zrobić :/

We in the western countries a governed by criminal leaders. I often feel very depressive that the general public seems not to care at all.

Will we here this sentence soon again?

"Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg (gegen Russland)"


siento que esta pelicula ya me la vi.... Con otros actores por cierto.

Aren't they tired of war? It's sad to hear but as long as there's wealthy greedy people in the world, there will always be war. For every bullets fired, these pigs are making money.

I'm from Syria and I appreciate your press for truth!

we don't like war!!! Please stop war!!! This war will lead to the end of this world.. According to Holy Quran everything is getting correctly predicted!!!

Trump is a poser & a puppet. No indictments, still in wars all over the world, omnibus spending, gun control. I didnt vote for that.

I was so depressed after hearing of the chemical attack as I just knew the war merchants would have a field day and would revel in get stuck into Syria so they can divide it up into 3 as long planned. They (the neo cons, globalists and Israel) have not taken well to Russia scuppering their plan to deliver another Arab state to extremists; hence the Russia Hacked the election canard and Skripal hoax; what stuns me is how many still actually believe this guff. They care zilch for the human rights atrocities in Yemen. As soon as they get rid of Assad, Iran will be next, if not Putin. The Globalists loved Russia under Yeltsin when they were flat out on the floor ready to be raped financially and asset stripped.

One thing is for certain. There is no logical reason for Assad to do a chemical attacked that could be carried out just as effectively with conventional weapons. The use of chemical weapons only has downside for Assad and no real upside. Whether or not it's a false flag, I don't know. I think the simplest most logical answer is that our so called "Moderate Rebels" carried out the attack as a way of getting the US more involved. They have the most to lose if we leave and the most to gain if we stay.

Let's build a wall around Trump!

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Why is this video worth $123.110? Because of 72 thumbs up? Haha.


Well no, it's mainly because the creator of DTube himself upvoted it. That accounts for most of the $123.
He's always on the lookout for good content.


it should be worth 1 million dollars if it can help stop a war!!!

this is a nasty war if it happens.GOD BLESS US.

Here we go again, the same song is playing. WAR!!!!

Does the fact Russia and China are about to take the petro dollar and shove it up uncle sams arse that we see what the US does best and start another never ending war.. This time though it’s a country that can hold its own against them.God save us all

dear sham conflict is nothing but only killing of innocent people ...and united nation just shut his mouth ..

Why can't the USA only leave Syria alone? The Syrian people love their president comparing to the US people to their president.
The USA don't give a shit about human rights, they only want to take over the world and its ressources.

Exactly as predicted by Russian military one month ago - nobody cares.

What I am about to post will sound radical to most. But most people have no clue that 'we the people', of planet Earth, are already living through a 'asymmetrical world war'. There are no more countries, only the empty husks of 'countries' remain. As far as the globalists are concerned, earth has already been divided into regions. All so called countries are proxy 'regions' run by the globalists. These former countries would include both Russia, where Putin is an over-the-to-top/ out of the closet promoter of not just globalism, but Agenda 2030, and China, who oligarchs Rothschild Et al, have set up shop and have determined that their New World Order will be the capitol.

There are two major globalist operations running right now.

First operation.
Once the American people have been disarmed to the satisfaction of the globalists their minions in USA will get into a non nuclear war that will bring in Russia and eventually China as the second phase of the operation.

USA, like first world war Germany will as predetermined, lose the war and be occupied by UN / Russian / Chinese occupation forces. The USA border will be manned by US 'civil forces' to insure Americans don't escape, as that phase of the operation has already been put into place.

The politicians who long sold USA down the globalist road will be 'allowed' to 'escape' to their homes outside of USA. While a few others maybe kept as sacrificial war criminal lambs for the slaughter.

Occupational forces, Russian, Chinese, UN and American in USA will be working with both globalist controlled, US Northcom, Southcom, fusion centers, to round up Americans. They will be taken to 'Black Sites'.

Of course this would take many years to unfold par the globalist strategy but, in the end, the globalists would end a major stumbling block to their New World Order hell hole, and that would be a constitution republic, where 'individuals' think they have 'rights' beyond the dictates of their globalist masters.