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In 2018, the death penalty awarded to 690 worldwide.
So far, 142 countries abolished the death penalty, Amnesty International said.

There was very little use of funds made for women's safety.

Passenger trains will not run on public curfew.

One lapse, stir from Lucknow to Delhi.
The reason for the corona-infected Kanika joining the party was not returned from Britain and investigation.

The government appealed to the opposition parties not to press the 'panic button'.

Monitoring and testing of silent infection required.

Telecom industry urgently needs relief measures: COAI.

616 crore loans given to weavers under the Mudra scheme.

Congress President writes letter to LG for prevention of Corona.

Teachers posting videos of classes on social media.

After Rajasthan, Punjab will also get lockdown, only emergency facilities till March 31

Janata Curfew Photos
Janata curfew, deserted roads, shops closed on all sides
Convirus will stop 40 per cent of cases in two days, with a lockdown like Janata curfew

As soon as Corona comes from abroad, 'Bahubali fame Prabhas locked himself in his house for 14 days.

Corona arrives at the White House, an employee of Vice President Mike Pence's office infected with the virus

Raw oil changed below $ 30 for 6 days on petrol prices;

Former Sajjan Ranjan Gogoi told why, he accepted the Rajya Sabha seat offer

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