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Groovy. More votes Sound good and plenty🍄😊🍄

I WAS going to join Dtube but this worries me. What exactly am I allowing Dtube to do?


Yeah don't use Steem Connect to sign in, use your posting key.


Woohoo! Awesome news on the update man


me too,I was also thinking to join Dtube but postponed due to this condition


using your posting key will grant dtube the same permissions as using steemconnect.

Thanks for explaining this update can really help a lot of people out and motivate people to post more since dtube is going up upvote big or small


Yeah I agree, its a great step forward.

Hummm yeah. Interesting. Lets see how it will go :) thanks for the news. And congrats for the 4k :)


Hello sergiomendes!

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Yeah thanks buddy!

Woohoo! Awesome news on the update man!


Thanks buddy! See you on the trail!

@reseller WoW! That is great news! Yes and it will give everyone a fair chance at an upvote. Thanks for getting the word out.


Yeah I agree, more votes more love!

Such great news! I just wish it was available as an iOS app, for sure I’d use it then! Any possibility off this happening soon?


I don't think any Official App is coming out anytime soon. But don't know 100% sure.

@reseller thanks for the update brother always good to see dtube on the moving and working to bring in new ways to curate and grow.

A community is only as strong as the people in it DTube definetly has great people in it


Yeah man, Dtube for life.

yes man i agree with u D Tube is one of the best platform for boost up our steemit power, steem dollar, if we once open our account on steemit then we can easily login on D Tube

It's very good platform rather than youtube :)


hi, it's just like youtube. and it's integrated with steemit. you can login by using your Steemit User name & Password. and you can upload your video on

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what i still wait is folders or playlists to videos, so content creators can organize their videos. for now all is just one big list :/

like me, i move my older content from youtube to dtube and people dosnt really know that what is the deal on them.

Awesome update to help the users and motivate more people to post more, thanks for the news and congrats for the 4k

I have been using Dtube for a long time but I'm thinking of making a permanent switch to DLive. I've only uploaded two videos with them so far and I received a nice $7+ upvote. I haven't got anything from DTube in over 6 months. I've been uploading 10+ minutes of original educational content. Does not look like any real curating going on to me. Also, I don't need some bot assessing the quality of my work.

dtube is one of the application on Steem that looks really promising, the reason I want to produce as much of content on dtube 😊

Thank you for sharing and hope to pay attention to me.

okay i ll check out thanks for sharing

Good information, very useful thank you so much

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All right so here is that little bot who take care of Curation system. But that means most of the times Curators only see our thumbnail and title instead of full video.


I'm sure they watch the video.

DTube has never worked on my phone...

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Great News

I really like this, and will soon use it

its really great bro

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I think this might motivate me to try and make some vlogs, because my english is not perfect and I never felt that exposing me was going to reward me enough for my troubles. With this update (new bot) I think I might give it a shot and practice my skills in front of a camera, which will help my english become more fluent while talking.

Thanks for spreading a message Man! :D


This is good news for content creators as a whole, do you know though how it will effect the manual curation process ?
Does it mean less videos will actually get watched?

Dtube actually it's not easy to gain

Tipuvote! :)


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Would love to get a Dtube upvote, not had one yet! Even though they seem to hand them out quite easily :(

Anyway, will keep posting content to my dtube page!

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Hey Chris, what an informative explanation! This cool video is featured in today's Joy daily news (in Chinese :D)

Wow Great news all Dtube user

Very good work friend very good I will try

Huge and big, and big and huge, what about the small things ?

thanks for the update brother always good to see dtube on the moving and working

Thanks for the link

Thanks for this information. Very timely for me since I just started using SteemIt and D.Tube again after so many months.

I'm not too sure about it yet. Don't have thoughts either way. Will have to see over the next few weeks how the percentages are allocated appropriately.

sounds like good news for users of DTube

nice video man, i will do

A very good development for dtube. Keep the improvement on the Steem/Steemit platform rolling.

Thnx fr explaining

shame Dtube is not loading on Brave browser for some reason (not only video but entire player is not working on this browser)

I like the way u have explained about Dtube , bro good efforts pls keep up good job

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