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An interesting article that caught my attention today from Zero Hedge talked about a potential massive change in the political landscape within Europe. In recent past, Europe has been largely dominated by socialist movements, leaders and policies. This is now being challenged by a populous movement started by Steve Bannon who is setting up a Brussels based "NGO" called "The Movement" which was created to rival the likes of George Soros's Open Society.

To give a little insight into why all of this is occurring, George Soros has been funding and helping his own Open Society foundation which since 1984 has been supporting Socialist views in 37 countries around the world. In total they have given away $32 billion since it's inception.

Bannon's goal is to create a ""populist stronghold within European Parliament" hoping to gain a third of lawmakers. If this were to occur we could see a major shift in the political landscape of Europe from the current socialist policies they use now to something more populous geared.

Some of the major issues brought forward by "the movement" is to oppose the unchecked human trafficking of migrants across European countries. This has been a major issue enveloping not only Europe but the western world as many elections have been decided by this problem. Just look at how the English people responded to the Brexit and wanting to close their borders.

Now this movement which is Trump and the Wests populist push into Europe is still well within it's infancy stage and has yet to make any major headway, however there has been a lot of positive support and feedback which has led to the creation of positions within the NGO already.

Within Europe there has been a massive opposition to the movement with many including EU Parliament Udo Bullmann describing the movement as "an attack on freedom and democracy in Europe". Many of these critics are aligning this movement with already hateful feelings towards a Trump policy and will say and do whatever they can to sway those against it. While this is quite a popular opinion within the leftist mindset, it will be interesting how much traction this movement will actually make on a continent largely dominated by the left.

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