Alcatraz: The recent letter that can solve the mystery of the only prisoners who could escape.

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Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers became legends in the United States when they managed to escape from Alcatraz alive, the FBI still believes this.
Also, there are rumors that John and Clarence Anglin attented to their mother’s funeral disguised of women.
These men were the first and the only ones who could escape from Alcatraz, but it was always believed that the three died trying it, because of the external conditions of the prison.
But, their story could be rewritten and reveal a new script to film the second part of “Escape from Alcatraz”, a movie that was starred by Clint Eastwood, Jack Thibeau and Fred Ward, this movie detailed how these three thieves who made a fortune stealing banks in the 60’s found their way to escape from prison, the end of the movie was up to the imagination of the spectator, and almost sixty years later it seems to be an answer for one of the biggest mysteries in the history of United States.
There is a person who ensures to be one of the Anglin brothers, and he wrote a letter to the San Francisco Police Department, five years ago, but it has been made public this week, telling how they escaped alive from one of the most famous prisons.
Due to this letter, the FBI reopened the investigation, the letter wrote in 2013 is a clear proof of the escape of the three criminals. It was a very meticulous plan, executed on the night of June 11th of 1962, and the three of them escaped by the vents that were in the back side of their cells, the FBI states they used a homemade drill to achieve their way out.
They escaped through the pipes until they reached the roof of the prison, the next morning the guards of Alcatraz found dolls made of plaster and human hair.
The FBI analysis of the ADN that was on the letter didn’t contribute to confirm the author, also, there were footprints analysis of the letter but the results were inconclusive.
Also, in that letter, Anglin tells that he spend several years living in Seattle after he escaped, also, he mentions he lived in North Dakota, and, by the year 2013 he had his own property in a city at south California. According to the letter, Frank died on 2008, and Clarence died three years later.
Today, the Alcatraz prison is a tourist destination. It opened in 1934 and closed in 1963. During that time, according to the FBI, 34 convicts tried to escape in 14 different attempts, all of them were caught or died trying.
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Que interesante, no sabía de la existencia de esta historia 😱😱


Si, incluso lo increible fue que lograron escapar de esa prision, la mas segura que ha habido en USA y posiblemente el mundo