Rice in Indonesia

2년 전

Rice is the most important crop in our country Indonesia. Why not because the staple food in Indonesia is rice from rice which is certainly produced by rice plants. In addition to Indonesia rice is also a staple food countries in other Asian continents such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and others. Rice is a crop of berberun. This agricultural plant comes from two continents of Asia and tropical and subtropical West Africa. Historical evidence shows that rice cultivation in Zhejiang (China) has begun in 3,000 years BC. Fossils of grains of rice and grain were found in Hastinapur Uttar Pradesh India around 100-800 BC. In addition to China and India, some areas of origin of rice are North Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam. Many pests that attack this plant are the rats, orong-orong, the wall of the ground (rock javelin), the pest and the brown planthopper. The pests that often cause rice crop failure and of course make farmers lose money.

The leading rice producing countries are the People's Republic of China (31% of total world production), India (20%), and Indonesia (9%). However, only a small percentage of world rice production is traded between countries (only 5% -6% of total world production). Thailand is the main exporter of rice (26% of total world traded rice) followed by Vietnam (15%) and the United States (11%). Indonesia is the world's largest rice importer (14% of the world's traded rice) followed by Bangladesh (4%), and Brazil (3%).

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