According to one study, when there is no ulterior motive in the human body, its 'mood disorder' increases the risk of bad mood.

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boldCircadian rhythm is called this rhythm of the body. It has a broader impact on people's mindset, hormonal level, body temperature, and body metabolism

italic At the beginning of the day, when the human body wakes up and starts to work forcefully - just like starting a car engine - even the risk of heart disease increases. Which is another example of the importance of clutter

Daniel Smith, a professor and psychologist at the University of Glasgow, told the BBC that some of those who participated in the pollution related to the congestion - some of them might have used social media during the night - it could be.

But strict rules for me - I stopped my mobile phone at 10 o'clock in the morning - said Dr. Smith

"Because, according to evolution, the man was not created in such a way that when he was asleep, he would look at the screen of the mobile," he said.

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