Homeschooling to become illegal in France and suddenly I don't feel like living here any more

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Last year Macron made school compulsory from age three and now he is making homeschooling illegal. This is a sad day for France because there had been a surge in interest for homeschooling ever since he started forcing three year olds out of their family homes and now with the covid induced hysteria, that trend is quickly increasing. So naturally, he did what he had to do (to flatten the curve) and cut off any chance of liberated parents passing on their liberated views to their children while guaranteeing that every last child in France be indoctrinated by the state. Sorry, did I say indoctrinated? I meant educated.

It seems completely absurd to me that this strange little man has the right to tell me how I can or can't educate my kids. Shouldn't he be thanking people like me who want to take pressure off the state and prevent the spread of the virus by keeping our kids at home?

Errr... apparently not.

I feel a bit shocked by this and yes, perhaps even a little angry.

We had started the homeschooling application process but might as well throw it in a bin now.

I don't have much else to say at this point.

Fuck you NWO.

The source article is in French but you can read it here if you like.

Thanks @roxane for alerting me so quickly

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