Moslems, Pakistan-Indonesia Has a Strong Emotional Bond

4년 전

Speaker of the House of Representatives Bambang Soesatyo asked the MoU signed by the Indonesian government with Pakistan in January 2018 can be realized and bring positive benefits.

During the visit of President Joko Widodo to Pakistan, it was agreed to increase cooperation in energy, trade, diplomatic training and protocol cooperation.
"I am convinced that the implementation of the MoU will have a positive effect on improving Indonesia-Pakistan relations," said Bamsoet when receiving Pakistan's Ambassador to Indonesia Mohammad Aqil Nadeem in the leadership office DPR RI, Jakarta, yesterday.
Bamsoet says Pakistan as an Islamic Republic has a strong emotional connection and historical ties with Indonesia as the world's largest Muslim country. As part of the international community, Indonesia and Pakistan have a big role in safeguarding and maintaining world peace.
Particularly, in overcoming the problem of terrorism which is still an international issue. "The founding father of Pakistan Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Founding Fathers of Indonesia Soekarno, has made friendship since both nations are struggling to gain independence."
Both countries also pioneered the Asian-African Conference of 1955 in Bandung, along with Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India. This is a testament to the strong relationship of both nations in creating world peace.
Bamsoet appreciated the increasing value of Indonesia-Pakistan trade. In 2015 the trade value of both countries was recorded at USD 2.164 billion. In 2016, it increased to USD 2.175 billion. And, in the last year jumped to reach USD 2.639 billion.
"Through the four MoUs that have been signed between the Indonesian and Pakistani governments in Islamabad in January 2018, I am convinced that the value of trade between the two countries will soar significantly in 2018," said Bamsoet.

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