End of Yahoo Messenger Era

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People who use INTERNET in end of Nineties are well aware of Yahoo Messenger. Many users have started using the Internet because of Yahoo Messenger.

On March 9, 1998, Yahoo Messenger was launched.

Today after 20 years Yahoo Messenger term has ended.


Yahoo already announced that Yahoo Messenger will be closed completely on July 17.

There is also an alternative app after Yahoo Messenger.


Squirrel app is available for IOS and Android.

Yahoo Messenger users will now be redirected to this app.

When Yahoo Messenger was launched, it was named Yahoo Pager.

The next year, his name was changed to Yahoo! Messenger. This communication tool eliminates the concept of borders for consumers.

Yahoo Messenger was Yahoo's main business. The buyer bought it later with the AOL. AOL owned Squirrel Messenger when AOL started advertising.

Yahoo Messenger users can still download their Chat History. If Yahoo Messenger is transferred to Squirrel, they can see the Yahoo chat history in this app too.


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