News what happened in the cryptocurrency market [Bitcoin Crache]

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In 2010 Mt. GoX has created a cryptocurrency Exchange. It was located in Tokyo. That's cryptocurrency Market is being known very fast in the cryptocurrency world, and it was having 70% from Bitcoin because it was the first known in the world. In 2014 the market annonce bankruptcy and they close the market and shut down the website.
April 2014 Mt. GoX announce that 850 thousand currency from Bitcoin has stolen or desperate that's was equal 450000 million-dollar.
April 2015 new evidence was introduced by Wizsec and she is a security company located in Tokyo evidence have proved that there is a direct stolen from client wallet.
According to this all properties of the platform will be place under thrusteeship. Investor or client who lost their money will get refund from the platform.
Why I tell you this and why you should know this?
7 Mars Nobuaki Kobayashi decide to sell 35841 Bitcoin that's equal 360 million-dollar and 34000 Bitcoin Cach that's equal 45 million-dollar.
Report say that's all Sell has been done in Kraken market

Is this the end or there is other amounts to sell

Nobuaki Kobayashi he have 165000 Bitcoin and 165000 Bitcoin cash he will sell all the amount but no one know when, Maybe he will wait for the market to go up.
In my opinion the other amount he will not sell it because he have refund all he's clients.
Till now the next support is 8825 .
You can see in image attached how Mt. Gox has crached bitcoin

َArrow show the dates for the currency conversion from the Gox portfolio and were immediately sold after the conversion


Confirmation of Image 1


Image Source

Transfers are made by dates and quantities


A part of the report that refers to what was sold


image Source

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