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Someone told him 'Accidental Billionaire'. Zuckerberg discovered a wonderful online game named Facebook, where now more than 200 million people are roaming, playing a game of online voting on this one of the most Ruposhi-Harvard university dormitories in the campus. In this sense, he has become one of the youngest millionaire in the world. This thirty-four-year-old young man is still at risk. American senators have lost their face, have lost confidence, lost their income. The incident is complicated. Facebook is not just the means of communicating people to people, it is also a huge, complex business place. World ferries have not noticed that Facebook is a huge man's fair. There was a chance to sit there and sit there. The Izaradar of this fair is Zakarabarga. If you can afford to pay the appropriate price, then Zakirbagh will allow you to sit around the fair.

But Zuckerberg knew every person in this virtual fair called the name. They know their pulse and stars. As a result, he knows where the bunch of glass will be sold and where else the lollipop will be sold. Zuckerberg told the buyers of the ferrywalls. What the customers do, where they live, they have news about this, as well as the people who are constantly posting, uploading pictures, like giving, sharing, from there, they get people's likes and dislikes. Facebook provides users' online behavioral information algorithm to share in different categories by distributing the vendors' targetted advertisements'. As a result, vendors began to fall in the Facebook Fair with the right penny. Zuckerberg's pockets were heavy. He did this legally. When opening a Facebook account, whoever reads the terms and conditions of the account, there is a change in the fact that Facebook has the right to supply their information elsewhere. As a result, when people are busy with their friendship, love, quarrels, self-interest, self-talk on Facebook, the fugitives are presenting themselves with their advertisement.

Karl Marx warned that the greed of profiteity is terrible, he is just pushing for danger. Zuckerberg did a similar job. After giving information to Facebook to the businessmen, he has allowed the members of his members to use information as a British political consultancy firm named "Cambridge Analyktica". Cambridge Analyktia is an innovative organization of political effects in the digital system. Cambrian Analytics hired Donald Trump for his campaign in the US presidential election. This company is made up of eight million people in America, from their Facebook data, their digital profile. They find out the possible behavior of people, who are potentially trump voters, who are helper, who are still undecided. Even they are posting members, uploading pictures, etc., who are sensitive, who are aggressive, who have complex mentality. These are called 'cyclography'. According to each voter's cyclography they create targeted 'Targeted Message'. Targeted advertising such as advertisers. With the help of psychologists and communication experts on why the trump should be voted, they send specific messages for the particular group and person, on their Facebook page.

Recently, a secret report from Britain's BBC Channel 4 revealed that Cambridge Analytics has influenced elections in a fine process. That formula is now the prosecution of Facebook Zuckerberg, however, says that Cambridge Analyst has broken their beliefs, using the information they used to use the information they talked about by research, to influence the election.

In the BBC's secret report, Cambridge analyst Alexander Nix told an invulnerable candidate in Sri Lanka's election, "It is not a matter of whether any incident is true during the election. The real thing is whether the event looks like the truth. We make that arrangement. 'It turns out, the digital world has emerged as a great chamber for creating this pseudo-truth. The historian Daniel J. Boostin looked at the media's strong growth in the sixties and said that there are so many incidences (psudo-event) in the world. That is, it is not the right thing but it looks like the incident, the fictitious event or event will be created. This is not going to be true in the Internet and Facebook era. Trump's being a president of America, as well as a sample of a pseudo-event.

In our country it is easier to create such an event in digital mode. Technology needs to be accompanied by technology literacy, but before getting the better understanding, new technologies are being added in our lives. Do you have the right awareness about the huge, complex social dimensions of the digital world? Is there an attempt to understand anoretical rather than the surface tension? Do not doubt. As a result, Facebook can easily become rumors, excitement or pseudo-field.

But there is no doubt that Facebook has changed the way of social communication, has created alternative ways of dissent, and has created a breakthrough in the social movement of the world. Embracing the new digital innovation, including Facebook, is the future of the world. But there is a need to warn about its dangers. In front of a lonely active online, the computer screen can create an inherent private range of

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