Two big news in the Asia

3년 전

Every Company wants to be a unicorn or accquired by any big company with good valuation as their exit strategy.

Startup scene has been quite hot in the last 8 years in Asia and most importantly south east Asia.

Some days ago. Walmart made news when it bought the majority of the shares of the Flipkart.

WalMart paid more than $16 billion to get the 75 percent of Flipkart's share to get its entry in India and fight with the Amazon.

Google is also going to be investing in this deal.Source

Alibaba Acquires Daraz in estimated $200

Right after India, Alibaba makes its official entry in Pakistan with the acquisition of, Pakistan's biggest e-commerce site.


Alibaba reportedly paid around $200 million for this deal. It is the first moment of any big giant in the untapped market of Pakistan.

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