The Guardian - Is bitcoin the answer if traditional investments are letting you down?

5년 전

Full story:

Juicy Quote:

"Bitcoin is a paperless, bankless, stateless currency which exists on computers, and carries with it a whiff of peril for investors. Cunningham admits to being nervous when he first signed up to trade in the currency, especially when he had to make his first deposit via a bank in Estonia. “It all turned out well and I bought my first coins for $225 each, well below today’s price of around $575,” he says. "

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It is interesting that bitcoin is now featuring as an investment instead of just as a novelty.


Yes! This kind of story is big progress from mainstream journalists. I particularly like this part:

"Is it safe? Bitcoin cannot be hacked, manipulated or altered..."

(The rest of the sentence is about how exchanges can be hacked, but at least they clearly differentiate between bitcoin itself and the exchanges...)