You know how when a baby falls down a well and when it is rescued the world stops to see that it is alive and everyone cheers and can then move on with their lives? This is one of those events where we need closure and the media happily televises the rescue for us on every network time slot. This is similar to being at a football game where a player is injured on the field, medics circle him and eventually he is lifted up, he raises an arm and the crowd cheers. We've been given some measure of closure and information so that we can continue without speculation.

We like when we're provided information that has to do with the well-being of those we care about and the health of important people. We need to know if we're dealing with a rescue or recovery, but we're not being provided with any of this information when it comes to Ruth Bader Ginsburg who went in for cancer surgery on Dec. 21st and still has not been seen even after the announcement of her first public appearance.

AP reported that 85-year old RGB attended a concert in which "The justice sat in the back of the darkened auditorium at the National Museum of Women in the Arts." The story continues that the auditorium doesn't allow photography. How convenient.

Imagine the scenario, RGB slinks into a darkened theatre, unseen by anyone, takes her seat in the back, behind the rest of the audience, then sneaks out before anyone could actually see her or even snap a quick cellphone picture.

If a tree falls in the forrest, does it make a noise? If they say she was there, was she really there? Just asking.


About me: I am a writer and artist. My book Toxic Rainbows is available in paperback and ebook.


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