Model Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring Found Dead After Tweet Predicting She’d Be Killed

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 Last year, Natacha Jaitt, a model, socialite, TV presenter, and  former contestant on the show Big Brother, came forward claiming she had  evidence of a high level pedophile ring involving VIPs, politicians,  movie stars, and other celebrities. 

The allegations led to a barrage of  attacks against her—including death threats. And, this month, she was  found dead in a nightclub, prompting calls of foul play by her family. According to the Buenos Aires Times,  a local news outlet in Jaitt’s home country of Argentina, Jaitt’s body  was found in a bed at the Xanadú party salon in La Ñata, in the Tigre  district, north of Buenos Aires City, police confirmed. Police are currently looking into the circumstances of the  41-year-old mother of two’s death, including interviewing those last  seen with her in the hours before she died. 

According to local media, Jaitt was found naked in a bed at the night  club with cocaine residue in her nostrils along with traces of LSD and  liquor in her system. 

In 2018, Jaitt had made explosive allegations that dozens  of high-profile sports and entertainment personalities were involved in  an underage prostitution ring. Indicating she feared for her safety,  she once went as far as to warn via Twitter that she could pay the  ultimate price for revealing dirty information she had on some of the  country’s rich and famous. 

After making these allegations of child sex rings, Jaitt made several  television appearances and noted that she received death threats and a  slew of backlash. This prompted the former model to go on Twitter to let  people know that she would never harm herself.

 “WARNING: I am not going to commit suicide, I am not going to take too much cocaine  and drown in a bath, or shoot myself. So if this happens, it wasn’t me.  Save this Tweet,” she wrote in April, 2018 according to a translation  from the Times. 

 Just last month, Jaitt accused film director Pablo Yotich and a friend of his of raping her. Jaitt’s brother said that his sister did not take drugs as a result  of advice from doctors who warned her of serious consequences if she  mixed them with medication she was on. 

According to police, they have not yet ruled out foul play, but did note that Jaitt’s body showed no signs of violence. In the video below, Jaitt names pedophiles and describes the  networks. 

It was after this that she began getting death threats and  made the tweet above. At 4:13 – 7:07: Jaitt directly states that Gustavo Vera—the president  of Argentina—is a pedophile and runs a trafficking network. And that he  uses his organization La Alameda to shut down his competition. Then, at 8:49 – 9:51: Jaitt recounts how the pope himself saved a  pedophile priest and relocated him to a new area where he had access to  vulnerable children. 

 This case is eerily similar to that of Mark Minnie, author of the controversial book ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’ who  devoted his post-police life to exposing the corruption and horrifying  pedophilia he discovered while working as a detective. Minnie and his  good friend Chris Steyn, also a former cop turned investigative  journalist, worked together on the book to expose a government and  business community who took children to Bird Island where they were  abused, and some possibly murdered. Last year, after publishing the book, Minnie was found shot in the  head. 

While officials are calling it an apparent suicide, like Jaitt’s  family, Minnie’s family is claiming that he told them he would never  kill himself and that people were after him because he was about to  expose even more high-level government pedophilia. The book details the level of their involvement in the pedophile  ring, abuse of the children, alleged acts of murder to cover up the  crimes, as well as corruption and abuse of high-level state resources by  the network’s members. 

The book was published on August 5, 2018 and only nine days later, Minnie would be found dead.  Just last year, TFTP reported that during the filming of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest show, Who is America?, as Cohen played an Italian playboy called Gio Monaldo, his uncomfortable antics seemingly revealed an elite pedophile ring. Cohen recorded an alleged member of this ring admitting that he could  procure children as young as 8-years-old for sex and has done so for  billionaires. Cohen reportedly brought this information to the FBI who  then “decided not to pursue it.” 

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There are so many people involved in evil sex rings, its really bad, it goes so far and so deep. This is what happens when people with power have way too much time on their hands and just down the generations it breeds evil They've already killed so many. I''m trying to make people aware of the true evil that is wrought on this world. In essence. It sucks.

I wouldn't be too surprised if such a thing existed. There have also been hints about it from other people.

In regards to her death...I've rarely heard of people mixing all three of those drugs. Rarely do people mix LSD with alcohol in my experience. LSD kinda cancels out the alcohol. You don't really feel drunk. Coke is a stimulant, when combined with alcohol, can make you think you can drink more, so I would think that combining the three would make you not aware of how much you were drinking. Perhaps a recipe for drinking yourself to death. But perhaps that was the point.

There is an epidemic of people that expose high powered pedophile rings dying suddenly. The journalist that exposed the John of God babyfarming operation also was recently arkancided. I use that term since Bill Clinton was a 'client' of John of God, and therefore it seems fitting.



What do these "whistleblowers" expect? She died of natural causes; as the nature of her recent actions led to her death.


sad but true
what a shame

Thanks for posting this to the blockchain, I'll be sharing it all over the place.

Great content!
You're welcome to try out to promote your next posts.

Yeah, Sacha rather red pilled himself on that one, didn't he? This has been going on for SO long, they believe they cannot be stopped. I think, hope and pray they are wrong. The recent ruling on the Epstein case is very promising.

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The most powerful people are the most evil so it's no surprise when you hear they are child rapists I'm sure the rabbit hole goes much further and sexual perversion isn't the only crimes their committing.