Conor Mcgregor says

3년 전

Your wife is a towel and the whole world is upset and moist for Conor Mcnuggets. The hypocrites and stinking PC squad are saying that its racist, and hes islamophobic. He is not. Oh, he is an accused rapist (fact) and a rich wolly, yet Islam is not a Race and calling someones wife a towel is not islamophobic, Fact. The fact that high estrogen soy boys think that it is have no concept of Legally speaking. She did look like a towel at that time because she had a towel over her and was a walking towel, just because people put 2+2 together with a PC mindset and come out with 5 means you are the racist because thats what YOU thought.. you dummys are walking, talking, suguar plum fairys and you should all taking a long hard look at your selves you silly sausages and pay penance to the one true god, Money. In other news today...... oh..... Whoooooo cares

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