Iran Sanctions, Maduro Assassination Attempt, Israeli Piracy, Apartheid Law & US Authoritarian Rise

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I forgot to play this clip at the end again, as I said I would, so please take a moment and watch it, and share it. Israel must be held accountable.
Joe Meadors:

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Venezuela Assassination Attempt:

Twitter Suspends Black Conservative For Changing NYT Bigot's Tweets From "White" To "Jewish" And "Black"

Another Ship from the Freedom Flotilla was hijacked by Israel

Turkey Freezes Assets Of US Government Officials In Retaliation To Sanctions

Sicko Cop Sexually Assaulted a Young Boy to Make Child Porn and He Will NOT Go to Jail

Trump Warns Allies "Risk Severe Consequences" If They Violate Iran Sanctions

US reimposes first round of sanctions on Iran

Over 50,000 in Tel Aviv Protest Against Israel’s Jewish Nation-State Law

The US as the Nation State of the Protestant Christian People

Saudi Arabia Unexpectedly Suspends Trade Ties With Canada, Recalls Ambassador


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The ZIONIST EMPIRE has no credibility left . Soon it will have no money to wage war with . It will whither away on the vien . Running from former ally to former ally to get some of its agendas through , but for the most part they’re damaged brands looking to to fade away and die like the last buggy wip manufacturer before the automobile empire came through . This is one of those corporate deaths that no one is going to feel any nostalgic feelings over . Good bye you vile piece of SHIT ❗️