The Disturbing Arrest & Media Blackout of 'Tommy Robinson' & How To Resolve Inter-Cultural Disputes

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I almost never talk about this subject directly, not because I have fear of the outcome, but because people are being so polarised by the subject in many cases that they have lost the ability to think and see rationally - instead they race to see who can be the first to judge the speaker, put them in a box and then throw mouldy vegetables at them. Unfortunately, that dysfunctional and unconscious approach is now being reflected by the court process here in Britain, as a controversial 'activist' has apparently been jailed under highly suspect conditions - with media gag orders preventing news organisations from reporting on it.. Yet more denial reflections.

What you are about to read is not another one-sided attempt to describe the situation, it is a complex analysis based on many years of deep research and exploration into the unconscious self, the collective self and the ways in which the deep patterns held by humanity are surfacing all around us. I am not a specific supporter or opponent of any group, as such, my aim is always firmly to create and inspire real balance, healing and evolution.

Background: Tommy Robinson, Immigration & History.

tommy robinson arrest

Tommy is not his original name - but that is not really relevant here. He is a man, born in Britain, who became angry and disturbed by the way that islamic (mainly) people had moved into his home town of Luton and changed its character significantly. He took it upon himself to organise a group called 'the English Defence League' - which sometimes took the form of what looked a lot like a bunch of soccer hooligans and sometimes attempted to look more organised or even politically trained (to a minor extent). His aim appeared (to me) to be to raise awareness of the problems in his home town whereby large numbers of immigrants had arrived and rather than attempting to learn local ways and to blend together with local people, they instead pressured local people to conform to their own ways.

Britain is a real mixture of people from a wide variety of locations on the planet and generally (aside from a minority of people who are aggressively against ANYONE from outside of Britain), the people in Britain tend to be accepting of people who visit and choose to relocate here. However, this tolerance and acceptance tends to only go up to the point where they themselves start to feel pressured to conform to the ways of the visitors. It is true that the British inheritance is that of a heartless empire that enslaved and abused countless people around the planet, so it might be said to be something of a karmic reflection for Britain to now face the opposite in the form of those arriving who demand conformity, sometimes under threat of violence and intimidation. That said, however, the people who are alive now do not typically see that they themselves are responsible in any way for this situation, they simply view that their own boundaries are being pushed on and they don't like it.

It is exactly this kind of situation that those who seek to gain personal power love to exploit. If we look back through history, most of the dictators who have killed millions have used the tactic of engineering racial tension in order to then 'solve' the problem and be seen as a 'hero' - gaining personal power in the process. I am not saying that this is Tommy's aim, but he should be aware that he is fitting in to the pre-judgements of many people by sometimes acting in a way that makes him seem similar to these characters from history. On the counter side, religion has often been used as a vehicle to rally large groups of people together to attempt to use them to take land from other groups - whether by force or by other means - so this is a minefield (mindfield) in a large number of ways.

In some senses this situation is like a microcosmic stage performance of imbalance and dysfunctions that have been with us for 1000s of years, changing form but never being understood deeply enough by people with enough consciousness and compassion to be able to resolve it in a peaceful and meaningfully lasting way.

Tommy's Arrest

I heard yesterday morning of reports that Tommy had been arrested while live streaming to Facebook from outside a court which was hearing a case of an alleged gang of muslims rapists who had targetted children over an extended period. In the video, which you can see on this MSN page he can be seen to be arrested for 'breaching the peace' while doing nothing but filming on a street.

This in itself is highly disturbing, since he was in no way breaching the peace from what I could see and furthermore, he was then apparently taken to a court and sent to jail for possibly 1 year for 'contempt of court'. It appears that this charge stems from him already having been put on a 'suspended sentence' from another court case for the same type of action outside of a court that was hearing a similar case. As I understand it, he had been released from the previous court case on the condition that he didn't do something similar again (I am filling in some gaps here). The court case was apparently secret, did not involve him having legal representation and the 'judge' involved then issued the press with notice not to report on the story!

There are so many problems with this, it's hard to know where to begin. First of all, he was arrested under false claims since he was not breaching the peace. To my understanding a breach of the peace is a common law offence, which is quite vague but which generally means that the person is acting in a way that is inciting violence or likely to lead to criminal behaviour. If this is to be extended to simply standing on a street filming - then we can all be arrested for breach of the peace if someone somewhere says they don't like us and we happen to be filming near them. Secondly, having a secret court without a lawyer - silenced in the media - is a terrible crime in itself - it has no place in an honest and free land. Due process appears to have been completely denied here.

It appears that the media are banned from commenting on the subject until the court case is over, to avoid prejudicing the case. On a certain level this is understandable, since it is right to prevent politicised voices from influencing the outcome of a trial (although it is debatable whether a trial is a good idea in any case to begin with, in any situation - due to their corruptibility and high probability of causing more problems than they solve). However, the practical reality here is that someone who actually does appear to be standing up for the rights of abused children and for local people - on some level - has been whisked away almost in total secrecy (if it weren't for the fact that he and others filmed it) and is now in jail for apparently doing very little at all.. While it is commonly seen to be the case that massive amounts of rape and abuse are occurring in certain parts of the country and have largely gone unchallenged by the government and police.

Dissolving Disputes instead of Worsening Them

When control is used to attempt to solve a problem, it rarely works or helps. If the free will of those involved is not being respected, then feelings of discomfort and anger are likely to arise. In cases where a group or individual is really and truly acting anti-socially and criminally, then they should be treated as such - in a balanced way and in the way that the society considers to be the way that is applied to all such cases. By avoiding the problems, they will only get worse and by only targetting individuals for control, opportunities are created that can be used to further polarise and divide the people involved.

When people are turned against each other, they are also turned against themselves internally. Think about this closely and feel into it. If you or someone does something to me that I consider to be wrong or dangerous, I have a few choices - I can attack, I can do nothing, I can walk away, I can attempt to communicate to change the situation or I can look into other causes for the event that might not be so obvious and change them on their own level. If I do nothing, including not express my feelings and allow them to create change - then I will likely stew in my anger and discomfort - which is a form of turning against myself. By denying my own emotions, I am being vile to myself - it is inner violence. This bitterness can turn into further dysfunction and can then be projected out onto other people who are then blamed for 'making me feel this way'. However, more healthy options exist.

If we process our emotions in real time and do not supress them, they can give us insights, balance and guidance. If we compress them and refuse to allow them a voice, they can become warped, twisted and actually lead to the kind of abuses we see on Earth all around - even up to and including wars.

The more emotionally healthy we are, the more spiritually balanced we are and the greater understanding we have about life and how to solve the issues we are facing in ways which respect those involved and feel good to all involved. By not injecting venom, conflict and intent to 'get even', we defuse the situation to some extent. This does not mean we do not defend ourselves against real attack - it just means we create the space for actual change, instead of just creating more of the same. The same we have faced for 1000s of years.

Einstein is quoted to have said that:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Practical so(u)lutions

So what does this all mean in real life?

Those who are using violence to attempt to overpower others may well be feeling overpowered themselves and thus see it as ok to use violence. They need to think about whether this is something that they really need to do and they need to know that the path of violence ultimately only leads to their own death. So this is about choosing life or death.

Those who choose life need to know that life requires both love and balance to be sustained and there is no way to have life without them being present. So there is no benefit that can be found in either allowing imbalance to exist in ourselves, nor around us. However, how we come to balance is the important thing here - it is entirely possible to think that we have balance or that we are heading to balance, when we are not.

Balance is accurately defined as:

No part or aspect is overpowering any other part or aspect (of a person)

So if people are grooming and raping girls, then they are overpowering the free will of the girls and the will of their parents who seek to protect them from such things. This is out of balance and needs to be resolved.

If people relocate to another area and start trying to force their ways onto the other people, then this too is out of balance.

If a government attempts to force its ways onto people then that is out of balance and ultimately that is occurring to most of us on a daily basis. I see that imbalanced government is really at the root of much of our issues here - however, this too begins inside of us and not 'out there', since we ARE our government in many ways and the embodiment of the 'will of the people' being disconnected from us in the form of parliamentary dictation is only a reflection of our own inner disconnection from our own will due to our own denial of our own needs and emotions.

The only way to have real balance here is to look at every single way in which balance is being denied and to make the called for changes such that new balance is found.

Is it balanced to say that 'x,y,z people should not be allowed into a particular land when they want to come'? This is not an easy question to answer as there is an apparent clash of wills. However, this comes down to NEEDS. If the two groups are not ready to hear each other (and themselves) deeply enough to live in peace together, then they need to ask themselves if they really NEED to be in the location in question. In the case of England, for example, those who maintain traditions and ways of life from that land will typically see that it makes sense that they do indeed need to stay in that land if they are to retain their preferred way of life. Is there a real NEED for other cultures to come to the land and stay? Even in the face of adversity? The world is quite large and England is not, so I do not feel it is wrong to point out that it is hard to justify a real need for them to be there - when there are many other locations to locate to where they may feel more at home and will not meet resistance from those who feel overpowered by their presence.

It is possible that some have come as refugees from war torn lands and in many cases then it is possible that the British government is partially responsible for causing that conflict. So while it is appropriate for them to be helped by the British government, is it really help they are receiving if they are placed in a location into which they will not or cannot integrate?

Global solution for global problems

It is clear to me that we cannot solve such problems in a fully localised way, since the problems are of a worldwide scale. If we move one group to another location, that may relieve some tensions, but the overall problem can resurface at any time. We must go to the root causes of the issues and typically this is a combination of:

  • Lack of personal evolution and consciousness leading to false beliefs and poor decisions.
  • Lack of enlightened guidance in government and among those making global decisions
  • Lack of understanding of the role of emotions and denial in life and the ways in which these must be fully comprehended before real peace can be achieved.

In an enlightened world based on compassion and understanding, there is no room at all for conflict or overpowering of ourselves. This is therefore where those who choose life are headed. Sadly, the rest will perish as there is no other possible outcome for them.


I do not personally consider government to be a great solution here either, since government typically also involves overpowering of people - however, i will not close out the possibility that as we evolve our understanding of balance we might too change government so drastically that it becomes balanced too (we probably wouldn't recognise it much though, as compared to the form of our current versions of government).

We now have the technology to communicate and share globally in ways that have never been been possible in recorded history, so in a way it is a golden opportunity for us to resolve our issues and meet our real needs in ways that are non combative and that create a lasting peace.

How can we personally justify spending our days watching TV, entering eating competitions and arguing with each other when the pain that motivates us into these dysfunctions needs to be healed and when we could be helping so many others to heal too using our new technology?

fat balance

The grace we need will come only through self respect, self acceptance and intention to heal, balance and evolve. Feelings of powerlessness will give way to feelings of peace once the needed understandings are allowed and accepted.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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"If we look back through history, most of the dictators who have killed millions have used the tactic of engineering racial tension in order to then 'solve' the problem and be seen as a 'hero' - gaining personal power in the process."

Why do you think the British government let in all those people? You think it was to create a multicultural paradise? Nope! Conflict is needed to perpetuate the expansion of the state and its power.

I admire Tommy Robinson's efforts to highlight the lack of free speech and the problem of extremist Islam in Europe. However I think his analysis of what drives it needs to go deeper.

Powerful interests are driving mass immigration into Europe, George Soros's Open Society and the Bilderberg group (the driving force behind the European Union) are two examples of elite organizations that drive this process. These groups essentially want to make their position of wealth and influence unassailable.

They are importing large amounts of Muslims in the hope of creating a violent clash of cultures. They know people will happily trade their freedoms for security, thereby they can establish themselves and their interests as unchallengeable.

Tommy is becoming a martyr and therefore is playing his part in their plan... not his. The radical Islamists are just as manipulated as Tommy and they too are playing their role and achieving complete power for the globalists.

Our media is corporate or state controlled and is therefore, of and by, the globalist agenda. Until we examine this concentration of power, extremists from all groups will be set against each other and government will benefit by taking further freedoms under the guise of restoring order.

Moderate Europeans and Muslims will be the real losers, as it is their free speech and ability to organize which will be removed. Thereby any attempt to have a legitimate say in their affairs is gone.

There is a deliberate attempt to make global problems such as immigration. Global problems require global solutions i.e. global government. Global government is absolute power.

Many of the Islamists are radicalized by the invasion of Muslim countries by Western armies. For those extremist Islamist's who think they are fighting valiantly for their brethren, you should consider you are actually making your enemy stronger and they are very happy that you are playing out the role they have planned for you. The western military industrial complex garners more taxes for their ends with each terrorist atrocity. There is much evidence that Islamist terrorist organizations such as Isis and Hamas get a lot of funding from western sources.

Zbigniew Brzezinski:
"What was more important in the world view of history? The possible creation of an armed, radical Islamic movement, or the fall of the Soviet Empire? A few fired-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?"

Globalists saw Muslim Extremism as a tool to topple the USSR. They still see you as a tool and they are still using you for their ends.

Maybe we moderates, of all races and religions, should stop playing the globalist game. Free speech and a free press should be first and foremost. Stop consuming media that is State or corporate controlled would be a fine start and something that we can all do.


Oh yes, I agree - there are certainly 'hidden hands' playing 'chess' here on a grand scale too. It is difficult to see the big picture when you are fighting for survival in a desert somewhere or even in a techno society that tries to hide the strings above the puppets using all manner of deception.

This is part of why the path of peace will always involve non engagement in conflict and the choosing of the evolved path towards the unity and balance that can only exist for those who have healed their inner conflicts. We are much more difficult to control when we both cease to control ourselves (Self empowerment) and also are open to receiving insights and information from all directions in an uncensored and unbiased way.


Information is power. I would encourage people to search for the source behind the information or disinformation they consume. Most (dis)information has an agenda and often the urge to fight often leads to strengthening your enemy and weakening your own position.


On another note, I see you have been the victim of haejin.. maybe a scar from involvement in the arms race of reputation on steem!


Haha, I gained merely reputational cuts and bruises. Tis but a scratch.

having not seen the video of his arrest, I am not sure if what he was saying could be termed as inciting violence. May be his words could be construed as trying create a rift in society. Moreover, since the incident happened outside a court, where the process to impart justice was ongoing, i mean there was no reason to stand outside the court and do what he was doing. Again, i think the sentence is harsh for tommy robinson but i can see sense in what was done to him. I say it is harsh because very few muslim clerics are arrested for inciting violence in london parks. but may be outside a court, it is contempt of court a person from any background would have been arrested.

Regarding what need do people have to settle in a land. I am sure britain has no problem with highly skilled immigrants coming in and settling here and contributing positively to the economy. Well all i can say is all kinds of people will want to come to the UK. It is after all cheap labour that is needed by this country. May be too much of it is bothering people. However, britain had no need to go t a foreign land, set up a home, conquer it, loot it and plunder it, destroy the fabric of that society and then complain when it is happening to them.

I do agree that a balance should exist and diversity should be enjoyable for everyone.

just wanted to add, its a very very balanced article btw and kudos for being able to achieve that balance on such a sensitive topic.


Your comments on Britain show your ignorance I'm afraid. Are we to forever look back into history and play the blame game?
Britain has a problem with islamic rape gangs. They are being ignored by the main steam media. thousands of children have been forever traumatised due to mass rape by these gangs. Due to the fact that a liberal metropolitan elite want cheap labour, why should the working class accept these gangs that are produced by this most backward looking, ahem, religion?
Diversity is a buzz word used by hypocritical liberals in my opinion. From their own lips they will tell you they want immigrants to pour their coffee in the mornings!!
Why should the indigenous population have this foisted upon them? They were never asked if they wanted salafi(radical) mosques and Islamic rape gangs in their area.
I don't intend this as an insult and hope you don't take it so but you seem a touch naive. Come to one of the Islamic ghetto's in the UK or Europe and you will soon find the truth.
if you care for childrens and womens rights i don't get how you could ever support people who believe in neither?
My brother is gay and he had to move out of his home due to religious maniacs who wanted to hang him!!
Cheap labour is not required in the UK. Decent labour with decent wages is what is needed, not a race to the bottom. what you talk about seems alot like slavery to me.
Cheap labour? really? Don't we try to stop abusive labor practices in other countries? So why would you want a race to the bottom in the UK?


I think it is fair to say that significant numbers of people in government and corporations do want cheap labour, but probably not the majority of people. I absolutely agree, the entire concept of 'cheap labour' is really just a synonym for wage slavery in many senses.


Definately, the majority want it stopped, as seen in the EU poll. Another thing that the wealthy global elite don't want, Brexit!!


hi mate, i don't find differing opinions offensive. so you haven't offended me.

In my post, I am not blaming UK for what it did, and not asking people to come and settle in the UK and destroy its social fabric. All I was trying to say was that people travel to different places to seek work and decent standard of living. Britain conquered other countries for prosperity, and people from other parts of the world are moving to the UK for prosperity without any intention of conquering it.

Child grooming is done by white folks, black folks, brown folks christians, muslims. Most high profile child sex abusers are white. Go to notable offenders section of this link and tell me how many muslims are there. and by saying this, i don't mean that if a culprit is a muslim, he shouldn't be punished -

Diversity may sound like a buzz word used by hypocritical liberals to you, and it may be. I also feel the word is abused quite a lot. Most employers harp about diversity, but boardrooms are all while and all male. so yeah diversity is an abused buzzword but that does not mean, diversity doesn't have benefits and can't be balanced. I am sure, you don't eat british food 3 times a day 365 days a week. You probably do enjoy a chinese takeaway once in a while or italian food or french food or for that matter a shawarma.

man, sorry if your brother had to move out because of religious maniacs. I am with you, that's a bit much and the govt should do something to maintain peace in every pocket of britain and not let the pendulum swing too much either way.

and cheap labour is necessary my friend. call it cheap labour or unskilled labour. labor abuse happens across the globe, its just that in the uk labor abuse is public sector employees who haven't seen wage growth and in poor countries its kids working at menial wages. and that has all to do with greedy part of capitalism. You won't be able to avoid a race to the bottom whether the employee is white or brown or black.


Child grooming is not committed by gangs of "white folks" or "black folks" as you called them, in gangs using religious ideology to justify it. Many of those communities stayed silent as it happened. Girls were passed between communities and family groups.
The argument you use is called whataboutery. It's not valid in itself, to point to other groups and say "so, they do it also!* And even if it was you would have to find groups that are comparable.
We don't have religious rape gangs from any other religion I'm afraid, you are plain wrong.
The closest thing is the catholic church who covered up paedophile priests. But they didn't operate in gangs that are often familial.
These type of gangs can't survive in traditional working class communities as they are not tolerated. Islam does because it's written in their ideology.
Black, white, christian, sihk, hindu, buddhists, you name them and they are all horrified and complaining about this. Not just the white folks!
It's rather dissingenuous to point to high profile paedophiles and hold them up as an example of the prevalence of rape gangs of the same type. Islam is 6% of our population, yet 25% of our prison population is now rape gang related. There are no other rape gangs and that comment shows your ignorance. Yes there are all manner of disgusting people in this country of all persuasions but none of them are forming into gangs to rape children because of things they hear in their local religious centres!!
To just attempt to glibly explain them away in the manner you are shows no empathy or compassion for the thousands of girls who have been abused, some only 11. Some branded with M for muhammad. I suggest you research it properly, it will affect everyone eventually. Do you think working class children somehow deserve this? Your talk of cheap labour shows a lack of awareness of the plight of the working classes?
I suggest you read the* Quran and hadiths.*

Cheap labour is not required in a just society. Nor is blaming those in the present of "crimes" of ancestors. That thinking is how feuds are created and continued through time.


Thank you for the interesting comments. I am going to leave it here as we arent going to change each other's opinion.


I think that's a good idea and often the best way forward. i would invite you to study the subject of Islamic fundamentalism and the extremists it drives.
It was still an interesting conversation and I've learned a lot, so thanks for that and have a great day.


you as well. hope you had a good long weekend!


I did,Thank you. here's a video that may help you get up to speed. from a different speaker.


And, i eat only British produce, it's not hard. I'm patriotic I'm afraid and support my own community first.


From what I have seen, he was not saying anything at all outside of the court - he was just filming. He may have said something on his live stream, I don't know.

It is certainly true that we don't have the full story, but that is partially because the courts have prevented it and they do themselves no favours by doing so.

Thankyou for your kind words.

Thank you for tackling this sticky subject. I have been speaking out about grooming gangs for ten years and i can tell you, you get met with a frosty reception at best.
His real name is Mr Lennon and he formed a group in Luton to defend British soldiers on returning from conflict parades, who were being attacked and targeted in the UK. The authorities closed down the parades. So the islamists found a soldier and beheaded him, Lee Rigby.
That was "Tommies" first contact with Islam. Like myself he has since educated himself on Islamism and Jihad and the wider religion. We are all horrified by what we found!! It's little more than a barbaric cult at best.
I was told by a jihadi i interviewed in prison that they planned to break down our societies and communities by importing heroin, then when the communities had lost the will to fight they would take them over. this has happened in working class communities and the authorities are complicit.
The grooming gangs are extremists of the same mold that produces black flag gangs like daesh and Al Queda.
The ideology that these gangs use to justify the enslavement of females from the Yazidi communities in the Middle East is the exact same scripture that the grooming/abuse gangs use.
It says that when they have conquered people of the book(Christians) they can take their women and kids as slaves and it's haram!(allowed in Islam). this is in the Quran and hadiths.
Tommy Robinson is just the thin end of the wedge. Here's the video of him being arrested while telling the truth:

thanks to BPS for great video

This is the UK today. But it's happened all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa...

Be under no illusion

Nowhere Is Immune


You are welcome!
I am well aware of intention to import heroin into more and more areas, yes - although I have to say that I know about it from non muslims from the poppy growing regions. I think that agenda is just as much driven by greed as it is by any kind of religious ideals or motive.

I have spoken with a man from the Yazidi tribe, yes, you are correct - the extremist groups there are literally operating a culture of enslavement, murder and torture that makes 'mad max' look tame.

The issue of what is truly in the Quran and other texts is not straightforwards to those who do not speak arabic and I know from my own experience that attempts to get to the truth of the situation had led to significant arguments about translations by various groups involved. Some claim there is absolutely nothing in the texts which justifies barbarism, while others say the opposite.

There is also the concept of Taqiya within Islam which may be used to justify totally lying about Islam to outsiders. So in a sense, we literally need to learn Arabic to get to the truth here.

A very thoughtful piece as usual @ura-soul. It's hard for me to be patriotic to a Common-wealth country when the governments constantly go against basic justice. Are there any guotines in France left over from the revolution they could lend? I am just wondering.


heh - well, if Medusa has taught us anything, it's that cutting the heads off of so many snakes does not tend to solve the problem... it just changes form and comes back stronger!

my suggestion is to reclaim your sovereignty as a co-creator of reality with human form and become a real earthling :)

Very well written on what is an extremely controversial subject.

Firstly I am not bother who comes in to the country but understand we can't just let everyone in who wants to come.

Secondly the majority of people come because as you point out we (as a country) have destroy their lands.

Third and most important is the segregation that occurs causing a lot of the conflict. Now you do often see large communities of minorities form in one place, just like you get communities of brits in Spain or Australia I might add. Just like there this causes conflict and problems. But we need to look at how to work around this and build on the integration. This is a massive problem to over come especially with the media trying it damnedest to cause more divisions. The media and people like Tommy have the ideology that this is our country, nobody owns it and we need to live sustainably in order to keep it going. This needs to come from both minorities and non minorities both side are guilty of massive judgment of the other (media driven no doubt ) until this stops we have no hope.

As for Tommy's arrest as much as I don't like the man or support him, this is not on. He had not don't anything illegal and to not have legal representation is shocking. But again if you say this people think your agreeing with his policies and ideas, the great divide and conquer in play. Too many people see things as black and white maybe he is in the wrong about what he says but that in no shape or form means he should be treated any different. It's (correct use of it's, i hope ;)) very scary that people views are getting the the way of the judgment of justice very scary.



What 'Tommy' and many others have denied here is that the entire concept of nations is a fabrication and is causing many of the problems that they have mistakenly identified as 'greatness' and absorbed into their perception of self. To call white skin people in England 'indigenous', in a historic sense is somewhat of a misunderstanding of who we are. How exactly did we come to be on this 'ball in space'? Maybe we are all indigenous to the universe and that is as precise as we can be while remaining accurate! ;)


Spot on! I think borders are a waste of time they just create well what we have today. I hope this will change in our life times. A world were we are free to travel where we want to amazing ! 💯🐒

Arrested and jailed for speaking out on the ills he noticed around his home town. So much for freedom. Someone might argue that his approach, which we do not have full detail about was actually what got him arrested but i dont want to believe so.

Its a sad one though but who really can fight with the government and win?


Part of the issue here is that of the power imbalance that those controlling the courts are causing. They typically don't feel connected with most people and thus act all too often as if the people in the courts are just dust or insects to them. They are generally only concerned, in my admittedly limited experience, with whether or not they themselves will be sued.


He was telling the truth and highlighting another Islamic rape gang in another city in Britain. There are people who would rather hide it. The mainstream media won't report on it, or give it the weight that it deserves. They aren't bothered, as many aren't, because they are working class children. It's a national shame.

Today you have brought up a really big issue of society by this post. Violence, revenge and anger etc are never the solutions.
Overpowering someone is not something that makes you strong, the other person's fear does. You use violence and some day you will be a victim of it. An act of violence leads to revenge, we all feel love and anger, and revenge is result of those feelings.
Revenge does nothing, an eye for an eye the whole world goes blind.
People think that violence resolves all issue, power is everything. Well yes power is everything, think about old times, violence was everything. No you are wrong even in the old days violence was never the true power, it was brains.
So I would just like to say this to those, be a human, we have brains which makes things easy. We are not animal we don't have to fight for everything.
Thanks a lot @ura-soul you did a great job telling people about this issue.


It's not about fighting, its about access to the truth. Nothing more. Where id anyone say it was about violence, or have you just assumed that?
It's about governments trying to suppress the truth.
If you don't have the facts, how do you make an informed decision.?


Thankyou. I would explain the situation as being that we all need power, since power is what allows us to act. We need to be conscious and allow our hearts to balance us in our thinking and in that way we can act without malicious intent and without violence. This allows us to defend ourselves when needed, but in the most compassionate way that does not inspire further violence.


I imagine it depends on what dictionary you use:


a political movement for the establishment and support of a national homeland for Jews in Palestine, now concerned chiefly with the development of the modern state of Israel.

a policy or movement for Jews to return to Palestine from the Diaspora

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I believe that they have jailed Tommy with the hope that he won't make it out this time. I live in the United States and he seems to be the loudest voice when it comes to talking about the evils of radical Islam and how it is really spreading in Europe, particularly England.