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I live around the Calumet City and Hammond Indiana area with many fast food places to quench the appetite, but I was feeling for something more of cooked meal. I would rather wait for my food to be cooked than to have it quickly made sloppily, please no offense to any fast food workers. I came across this Chinese restaurant by accident, and I have only eaten this type of food only a few times, but this time this particular places food was delicious but spicy. The place is called "Tasty Chinese Restaurant".

When I first entered I was greeted with all red, which matches the vibe they were going for. an artsy fan and tiny Buddha statue mounted above the dining area as if to pray over everyone who enters. Because the weather being in the ninety-degree temp this restaurant is very private. This would be a great place to take a date for the utmost privacy. What I ordered was the chef's recommendation, which is the house special Szechwan. The dish was spicy while belly filling. When eating here I suggest staying in instead of ordering to go. Tasty Chinese Restaurant could be great as a date night spot.

I hope you enjoy.

6412A Calumet Ave.
Hammond, Indiana 46324

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